Why is the 'New Topic' button disabled?

The New Topic Button seems to be disabled for some users, why is that ?

It’s disabled because you’re trying to create a new topic in the wrong place, which is only accessible to admins. Click where it says ‘all’ and from the drop-down go to one of the sub-categories underneath Looking for help such as EMO, App, or shipping and orders. Then you can create a new topic inside one of those.

@macfixer01, Thanks for the info :grinning: I was aware of the dropdown which made me able to post this. I’m an UI developer myself, sorry I was not able to convey the problem.
What I really wanted to know was why was it disabled for some users and the answer as you said was only admins can access it (I was unaware ’ all ’ option was reserved for admins only :grin:).
Probably the all option should not be the default and it could be a place holder dummy option ’ select ', and ’ all ’ should be the last option and it should also have a mandatory message or, it could have a tooltip which shows up when hovered over the disabled ’ New Topic ’ button or, a small alert message in the starting, just to get rid of the confusion, probable the Dev team could raise a ticket internally :crazy_face:

All is the default because of the way you chose to access it. From the main forum page you can see all the available subcategories and click directly on the one you want to post in. You might also notice that Off Topic has been effectively disabled for everyone, since the admin removed the subcategories no new posts can be made there.