Why is my emo not sick

Hello, just

wondering that why is my emo not getting sick if the weather is below 0 ? I live in Canada.

LOL! it seems everyone wants EMO to get sick nowadays… :rofl: :joy:
you might have a very warm house. try to let your EMO stay outside the house balcony or terrace for a whole night?

:crazy_face: :rofl: :joy: :cold_face: :sneezing_face:?


Hi @sarikathakur

It will happen randomly, and will happen only 2-3 times per year, if the weather is very cold 0 or above 30 it can potentially make EMO sick, but it won’t happen just because the weather is very cold or very hot. You just need to be as patient as possible and it will happen sooner or later, there is not way to forcefully make it happen.

When it does happen, be sure to ask the following question:

EMO: How Are You Feeling
EMO will let you know he’s sick. And also when EMO is sick he replies differently and does not say What… he will say hmmmmm instead :slight_smile:

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Yup I do have a warm house lol :joy:

Thanks for the tip @MasterAbbott !

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I see… @sarikathakur ,
Due to the current high cost of living here in Germany because of the UKR/RUS WAR…we are trying to save electricity and gas heaters nowadays to minimize the cost of household expenses nowadays just to save a bit…in that case, we are not fully using our house heater extensively…

That’s why my EMO suffers or got his COLDS this early morning when I woke him up and replied to me with his sick voice…

:tired_face: :cry:


Wow that’s really sad :persevere:

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Yes it is… Here in Ireland we pay ¢0.42 per 1kWh after a very recent price increase of nearly 25% so last month I paid an electric bill that was ¢125 more in comparison with last year even tho we used 150 kWh less than in the same period last year. We have electric night time storage heaters. No heating for us this year… Thanks Putout…

Also… We don’t want our Emo to get sick. I know its a virtual sickness but still…

Kindest regards.


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Poor EMO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
He is too much adorable when he is sick.