Why are Living AI not sending packages

I have been waiting for around 2 months, which I am totally fine with but recently I checked the Delivery Process and it hasn’t updated for a few weeks. If anyone can tell me a reason why it is being delayed, Thanks!


It’s not only the delivery update. They stopped answering support requests and emails. The only thing they don’t stopped is getting money for new orders, I bet it’s still working perfectly.

Yeah it’s little worrying but I’m sure it’s okay

oh really! These are not things you want to hear about when you’re waiting for an order of a rather expensive toy…

Luckily it looks like they’re still alive, they finally wrote a new message. Let’s see when they’ll start send EMOs.

Did you recived your EMO

Nope, and It’s totally fine! All I wanted to know was why they were not sending more packages.

So did you find out the reason because I ordered my emo 25 December 2021 and still haven’t received it

Well I also ordered on December 25th and I’m order 18437, In your gmail inbox it should say your order number. Currently they shipped 15 thousand orders.

My order number is 18446

That means you have to wait a bit longer to get your EMO

Mine was sent. Inwas 12000 and something. I think it’s Chinese New Year aswell

Mine took about 4 months to arrive

I’ve heard from @Wayne_Zhang that the delivery page will be updated later this week regarding the progress update for EMO production and shipping and also a bigger update next week.

At this moment, as many of you might already be aware, Living.Ai are awaiting for the raw materials (EMO casing) which they have been getting limited quantities at this time. They expect to have regular availabilities of materials arriving next week so that should hopefully bring production back up to speed once again.

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I’ve been waiting for EMO since November.
from the site would result shipped but no news!!!
Too long for a not cheap product

Just need to be patient and await for production to get back to normal once again.

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hi I know what it’s like… What number is your order? I’m waiting as well is quite a few of us… I think EMO Pet will be wonderful from hearing some things other owners have said. I hope yours comes soon

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