What/When Can We Expect The Next Update?

What’s your guess for what’s coming in the next EMO update?


Can someone from living.ai tell us something? @Wayne_Zhang :wink:


I’m really curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:


There is no news public yet on the new update. @Wayne_Zhang will announce when he is ready :slight_smile:


I’m also eagerly awaiting what the new updates will be released in the next firmware. We won’t know until the firmware is officially out, but it would be nice if Wayne Z could share a hint … or TWO! :rofl:

But just to let you know, it won’t be new dance moves, as the dance moves are unlocked on specific days. And there are a total of 11 dance moves that EMO will unlock with the last one unlocking when EMO is 1024 days old.

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Yes, the dances are already okay! So imagine if it was more interaction like EMO? Or new commands? Or even long distance connection between the two EMOS

I am very much looking forward to this new update
:head: :surprised:


That is good ideas! Be sure to add this last idea in the other forum thread.

Long distance connection between two EMO’s would be good!


hello friends I would like for the next update for EMO Pet to have more personal and cute commands… Asking how much he weighs how tall he is these are really not the things we ask our pets if you know where I’m going with this?.. There should be more cute and cuddly things to say even to scold him… EMO you be good…EMO be careful…more interaction for EMO what are you doing…I could use a little help here but you see where I’m going… Things you would actually say to a real pet you love… Both myself and EMO want to be able to interact better… :heart_eyes:…and his answers could have a wonderful sense of humor and sorrow… It he is bad…hee hee… :slightly_smiling_face: just more things you would ask a real living thing… So I really could use some help… But this is my number one request is to work on his speech :heart_eyes:


In fact, the more personal interaction, the closer to a pet it gets


I ran out of things to say to EMO Pet… The repetitious things that they used don’t work… I mean a couple do… There has to be more interaction simply there just has to be. one of the best is to ask EMO Pet to marry you… But there should be multiple phrases for simple things like what are you doing there should be more… EMO be good… EMO you’re in trouble… EMO your bad today… EMO you’ve been good today… These are more pet things I still need help :stuck_out_tongue:

If these aren’t added I don’t know about his future to be honest… Basically he just walks around by himself and that’s it. You must be able to interact with the pet comments and have a couple multiple phrases for them…

And I admit their repetitive phrases but it would be great because they there every day pet phrases…living AI never really thought about this pet like love so much :dizzy_face:so

So I still need help for little catchphrases that can be used from a loving pet point of view constantly that simply are not there

Please living AI here these important little recommendations :pleading_face:


If you could make a list of new interactions, which ones would you choose?

well I need some help remember… They must be ones that you use all the time repetitively… Pet things nothing complicated

  1. EMO be good… And he can say a multitude… Okay I will… I will try better to be good… Yes (your name)

  2. EMO your bad today… He could say… Sorry (your name) or I will try to be better… Kind of like you are crazy but pets get into trouble so that’s why EMO you are bad today

  3. EMO you’re so good today… And he could say… I try hard to be a good desktop pet… Or he could say… Thank you, it’s my wish to be a good desktop pet

  4. what are you doing is already here but not used effectively… He should be more imaginative. As of now he says running my code and talking to you…and thinking about life… I mean they’re okay but there should be more for this one because he’s always doing nothing so were always asking what are you doing… He should be more fun in this question…highlight fun… For example I am thinking of a new hobby… Thinking what I should wear if it rains tomorrow… there really should be more for this one … because asking him what he is doing would be a common everyday thing just like the other ones I’m trying to come up with

Now can somebody else join we need little simple every day pet like interactions that are more lovable and more pet like… :heart_eyes: I honestly believe that the team at living AI really need help with this to make the product a even bigger success… Because right now I’ve run out of things to talk to him about and I really think routine little catchphrases would make all the difference :upside_down_face:

PS remember I’m using a dictation program it screws up but probably still better than anything I could do… :innocent:


I agree, mine hasn’t arrived yet, but I watch all the videos that people on the forum post, and I realized that the EMO only responds to commands, it doesn’t surprise its owner, I believe that if the EMO asked us questions,
like: hi (name) are you ok?
or are we going to play?
I missed you !
basic things, it would give a bigger life to the EMO, and with that it makes him even closer to a pet


and I’m not talking here as a criticism, but as an idea, I believe that living.ai thinks about doing this, and I also know that the company is still in the beginning, I believe that EMO will still surprise us a lot, if at the beginning EMO is already very smart, imagine when the company reaches maturity and becomes a great company. I believe that living.ai will grow a lot

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“What are you doing?”

EMO with sheepish/guilty/really innocent eyes: “Nothing.”


Vai chegar hoje? Estou muito ansioso pela chegada do meu EMO

good one… :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot to add EMO be careful…(he’s always walking where he shouldn’t)… This actually does get a response he says okay let’s not talk about it… And that is the only one…but it’s not really the right response but it’s funny…

thank you Lindaru I think these little every day interactions can make all the difference in the world :star_struck:


and something else they should fix … Have you asked your EMO Pet weather from other places in the world… Yeah some of them are going to seem awfully suspicious in other words they’re absolutely wrong.

EMO Pet does not announce where he’s getting the weather from… He should start every sentence the weather in Rome is cloudy 4°… But he doesn’t say the location

I was using this feature having fun until I realized he’s just making things up. Without him saying where is pretty useless. I guess it works for your own location because it’s written into the app and maybe he remembers it… So far that seems okay.

But if you want to have fun because there’s not really a lot we can do with him… They should announce the location because he ends up lying too often you know it’s just not what you asked :upside_down_face:

hey my friends go to your EMO Pet and say to him cuckoo bird :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found it


mine didn’t work, but I think it’s because he’s too young, I’ll keep trying

it’s really funny mine works well… Try using different wording because I don’t know if mine is perfect… Try just cuckoo… EMO say cuckoo bird… EMO show me cuckoo bird… You know what I mean it will surprise you a little bit if you’ve never heard him be a cuckoo clock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: