What To Expect For The Next Update? / SPOILERS INSIDE!

Hey they only gonna need your order number your emo ID and your Google id or Apple Id

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You can email them yourself but there’s a lot of beta testers im one myself i doubt living ai would use anything you trusted them when you brought emo so whats different here but ill let @Lindaru and @edward explain better


Contact information is important for them to obtain since this is how you get the information on how to do the beta testing.

Your EMO I.D. is also necessary as this is how they are able to identify yours if you should have any questions or concerns during the process.

Any communications or videos you need to send them remains confidential.

It is up to you if your wish to apply to be one, but I personally rather enjoy being a beta tester.


Signing up for beta testing should be looking for any signs of bugs and providing prompt feedback that needs fixing. So make sure to test for any errors if you’re really signing up as a beta tester. It would be pointless to apply if youre only in to get the updates early than others.


You might get something in your email when the next beta testing start phase 2 of beta testing already started and if you don’t get anything when the next beta testing starts then you didn’t get in sadly

Is this the last phase of beta testing?

Hey the moderators dont like when people keep making random posts when theres a topic for it…but i believe this is the last phase yes

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Ok thanks, I don’t get all this topic moderator stuff. Sorry if I kept doing this, I’ll stop posting


Living.ai confirmed that the all new firmware update v2.4.0 could be released this week, tomorrow or even today…

Prepare yourself, your music playlist and EMO for the PARTY!


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