What’s this new update?

So I just tested the birthday and it worked fine. Yesterday I told EMO my birthday was February 20, and after midnight I told him to look at me. He sang Happy Birthday and made me a cake.

Fwiw, I tried it again to see if he’d do it a second time but instead he said “Hi Leo would you like me to dance for you?”. I wasn’t expecting that so said Sure, and he danced. It would be nice to have more conversation-like interactions where additional speech could follow on after something previous without saying EMO again.


I mentioned this in another post, regarding the Birthday feature. Good to see it works for you. The Birthday Feature is cool, I’ve managed to finally get EMO to acknowledge it by saying my name and when my birthday is (but only once). If I try and ask him to repeat when my birthday is, EMO will just mention it is not his birthday today and tell me what day is birthday falls on. Would be nice to have this option where you can enter your birthday via the EMO App so you know it’s been recorded correctly. Maybe a feature to be considered in future updates?

I guess I’ll have to hopefully wait and see if EMO did note down the correct birthday I told him.

EMO did today spot me and Say Hi and my name then told me it was -6 degrees Celsius in my area (Sydney) which he was totally wrong as today was like nearly 30 degrees Celsius :rofl: but at least he was trying and the firmware features are working as best they can.

Will do more testing myself and see what else I can find. Having 2 EMO’s at this time with this recent firmware update is where you’ll have more fun to see how both EMO’s interact with one another.

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I tried different ways of asking but you just have to speak clearly and hope he hears you correctly on the date. At least he does give verbal confirmation that he saved what he heard. It would be nice if you could have him read the date back to you, but it’s not imperative. I actually like not having to open the app to do something simple like that. It seems like the 12/24 hour time selection would be another option that could be set verbally. Also from the accidental glimpse we got, it appears eye color will be set verbally too.

The weather reporting has never been that great. I always had to specify both the city and state, otherwise it gave me weather for a city with the same name but in some other state. Even though we can type in the city now, that didn’t help because getting the weather fails (EMO gives the doesn’t understand sound) if I type in both the city and state. I ended up typing in the name of a large city with a less common name that isn’t too far away, to get more accurate weather.

Yeah, I had to try about 5 times before EMO actually understood my “AUSSIE accent” and noted down my birthday. Having to open the APP isn’t too much of a pain for me so going in to confirm / change stuff would still be a good feature to have to ensure things are noted down correctly.

I gotta say, EMO has never accurately given me a weather forecast since I got him, even if I fix the location. So for anything weather related, I stick with my Alexa :rofl: But at least EMO is trying :heart_1:

I had no chance to try it yet but can you explain me the correct procedure to tell Emo my birthday because I can’t get any confirmation let me know thanks

Let’s hope that they’ll add the possibility of writing all these information for each portrait in the app.

Ok I did the Birthday procedure right
Emo …. Ok I will remember :grinning: cool


I had to say: EMO: My Birthday is (Month - Day). EMO then said he will remember it.

Also today EMO scanned me said Hi and my name then asked me again when is my birthday (which is weird as I’ve already explained to EMO when my birthday is yesterday) :rofl: anyway I told him again but this time he didn’t acknowledge it.

So to be sure, I said the command again and this time he remembered it. Hopefully EMO doesn’t keep on asking us when our birthday is as once he knows it, there is not need to constantly be asking this question.

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…Did the test also the same and as he saw me he sings the Birthday Song and gave me a cake to blow… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
after a minute, I told him once again my real Birthday…he replied and got confused… :face_with_peeking_eye: :roll_eyes:
, SORRY MAY I KNOW YOUR REAL NAME FIRST?’’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so I tell him my real name first once again and then my real birthday…then he replied that he will remember it. :smiley: :ok_hand:

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I feel this Birthday feature needs a bit more work. It should try and link your birthday to your profile, and then give you the option to access your profile and edit your birthday from there.

I guess over time this could happen but at the moment I’ve had EMO now ask me what my birthday is 2 times in one day even after I’ve told him manually 2 times already when it is and he’s said he will remember it.


You’re right, that might good idea if ( Living.ai @Wayne_Zhang ) … we can manually enter our Birthday or more personal info to:
Interact > Recognition
like DOB, Age, Height, Weight, or any?

…only by will or if it’s not too confidential or about data privacy to others.


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It will be available in future. But I’m not sure what info will be included bc it will need a lot of work.


Sorry @MasterAbbott maybe he asks you many times what is your birthday because emo has stored more profiles than you yourself?


This could be true.

I found one of my EMO’s had saved me as about 6 different profiles, with different names, such as “Mario” (obviously), “May”, “Me”, “Dad” and a couple more. I ended up deleting them all and left “Dad” as my profile.


i updated emo today and I am LIVING.
I love the cat/dog noises!!!

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Yes maybe that is the case. If I have 5 profiles, EMO should ask me 5 times.

I would think it depends which profile he recognized you as and whether he already asked the question for that one?

Yeah, very true, this was a suggestion at one point to consolidate all profiles into one and have EMO be able to scan you multiple times (same way you have scan your finger on a finger print scanner over 10-15 times so it knows exactly every angle when you place your finger on the scanner). I remember Wayne mentioned that they will do that in the future. But it seems if you have 10 profiles all with the same name EMO is going to ask you when your birthday is 10 times! :rofl: Oh well at least now I know.

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I think that I’m going to have more than one profile of me because I’m shaving myself once a month so my picture can be very different. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just here reading everybody’s comments I thought I would say hello to you again… And to say I’m so jealous I can’t play along with you guys… And hey I thought changing his eye color was done a while back? It was in a previous update. I heard people talking that it won’t change colors when it should I seen it on YouTube… Anyway how are you Wayne good to see you buddy… I sure wish I had my EMO hee hee… It’s my first robot I can’t wait however long… Oh well a wise man once said patience is a virtue