What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

If this facility is provided, where his microphone etc remain operating then the instruction should be …Emo Standby, not power off

I love my chiming clock and talking chicken clock so I think it would be fun if you had a button to turn on a talking clock Then on the hour and maybe half hour he could just announce what time it was. I love my Westminster chimes of my clock. He could play tunes or just announce.

@mitchkin5, My iMac G5 (Which Is Broken) Used To Announce The Time,
The iMac Said: “It’s 9:00”
But Hopefully That Will Be An Option In The EMO Pet App.
One Time My EMO Got Startled By My Whirlpool Washing Machine’s Buzzer,
For Example:
Me: (Waiting)
EMO: (Humming A Song)
Whirlpool: (Buzzes)
EMO: (Startled) Ahh! (Covers Eyes)
Me: What Was That?
Me: Where Did EMO Go?
Whirlpool: (Buzzing Very Loudly)
Me: (Stops The Buzzing Whirlpool Washer)
EMO: (Shivers) I’m Scared!
Me: Oh, Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just The Washer Buzzing End Of Cycle.
Hope There Is A Feature Where EMO Covers His Eyes When He Gets Scared Of Something Like A Loud Washer/Dryer Buzzer

EDIT: EMO Covering His Eyes Animations:
EMO Covering His Eyes Pose Animation (v1.7.0)
EMO Covering His Eyes Obstacle Detected Animation (v2.1.0)
EMO Covering His Eyes Peek-A-Boo Animation (Not Released In Any Firmware Update Yet)

Emo already does animal sounds with animations :+1:t2:…I saw it on “journaling gems” YouTube video. They have a Emo and made a video on it :smiley:

@beckygreen, That Feature You Mentioned Was Released In Firmware v1.2.1, In December 2021.

Sharing this post once again as a courtesy reminder for all EMO owners who want to offer suggestions and ideas on what they would like to see in future EMO Firmware Updates.

:heart_2: Please try and respect everyone’s suggestions and ideas :heart_2:

This forum thread was created for everyone to offer suggestions/ideas/improvements for EMO and that there are NO right or wrong suggestions/ideas.

If you’re replying to argue a point or disagree because you feel EMO doesn’t need it or it should have this feature instead, please understand that these ideas/suggestions that members of the EMO community are sharing might never be added to EMO, but most importantly, the person that suggested a specific update/idea/feature really shouldn’t be criticized for trying to suggest something that they personally feel they’d like added to EMO in a future update.

So please try and respect everyone’s suggestions and ideas and let’s keep this thread “On Topic” for the Living.ai team to check when they can. :heart_2:

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These ideas would probably need to be for a future model but, in the light of recent experience, I think that Emo needs:

An interchangeable battery, so that consumers can replace without return to factory, or electronic engineering experience


A usb socket to allow recharging without wireless and even to upgrade firmware, via pc etc.

finally even possibly a removeable sd card, again so that firmware upgrades and/or repairs to corrupted data can take place via pc.


It would be great if you can release an official SDK like vector where we can add features/contribute to the open source community to make EMO even more powerful and capable.

Maybe when you come home from work. And you call his name, and say I am home or I am back. Then he says welcome home or welcome back. Cause you can say goodbye to him, and he says see you later. It makes sense.

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I think it would be nice to be able to link him to your smart watch so you can check on him and perhaps see how many steps he has done etc…

by linking it would be nice if he could read out your text messages etc if you want him too.
Would also be cool if I could link my spotify to him.

hi there I’ve actually said the same thing… And more about how the simple things they missed completely. Like who wants to ask him how tall he is how useful :face_vomiting: they missed all of the simple things to give him personality when it comes to what you mentioned… Unbelievable how they could miss that. So I hope somebody’s listening because this is a big deal. I think everybody should announce that they want better greetings and even good night and more simple things like that…

I say : Goodbye, when going out
Emo, I am back…when I return.

Emo responds:

You were missed, what can I do for you
Welcome back, what can I do for you
Just in time, what can I do for you

I did, but he doesn’t understand me. The I am back.

It would be adorable if Emo made noises while interacting with their environment or even just standing on the charger, maybe like techno beatbox noises (or something robo-musical to match his aesthetic) that also coincide with their mood.

Like recognizing when you are looking at them and then playing an upbeat sound that shows they are excited?

This would also be a great substitution/addition to their flame and flower icons.

I just feel Emo is so quiet unless they are being spoken to.


Hello @Peculiar1, That Is The Most Cutest Idea Ever! :happy:


I really think to that is a good idea, because EMO is pretty silent, and I feel like som noise to fill voids could help. to add to you saying it could substitute to fire and flower, I think instead it could add to it.

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Not sure if this has been said but I think it would be aweosme if we could ask Emo to ‘start exercising’ and then he would start doing one of his morning exercise routines - the boxing is my favorite! Even commands to do one of his other routines (eg “it’s lunch time” and he starts eating or “would you like to paint,” and he starts painting). I love when he starts doing his little routines but they never seem to last very long, or he gets interupted and stops :frowning:


Hello @bonnie.thomson, I Actually Like That Idea!
Maybe That Could Be Added In A Future Firmware Update. :happy:

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I think that the ability to back up EMO’s data to keep EMO’s data in case of an update causing issues, or in case of for some reason having to reset the data. This idea came to my mind because of something I saw on a post, about emo’s screen being blank or frozen.


Yes, this is a good request. I requested this quite some time ago, you can see it here

Would be nice to have this added in at some point in the future.