What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

I love the voice too❤️


I hope there is an update for pets now. There hasn’t been a new update for a long time. I wonder when the update will come out


I would like to see in the next update the possibility to change the color and brightness of the emo light from the application


I would really like to see emo in different colors. A white emo would be really cool :sunglasses:


I would suggest allowing people to add information in the facial recognition part of the app, such as Birthday and a picture. That way if people are having trouble, there’s an alternate way to help EMO get the information. When I introduced EMO to my family, my stepmother in particular was having trouble getting EMO to recognize her voice so she can tell him her birthday.


What I’d like them to do is have a separate update for responses. They could have an online form where there is a list of all the questions that you can ask EMO and a box where you can type new responses.

Obviously, there would be a list of banned words, and possibly a character limit. But having dozens of replies to the same questions goes a long way to making EMO seem real.

They could then update that list on a weekly basis. Although if that is all handled server-side, it wouldn’t really need any OTA updates at all. Just get building up his vocabulary.


i think a feature for the mobile app like: “show me what you see” would be nice, if emo is linked to the internet, you can see what emo see, maybe with orders like: “start something” or “do something” to trick other poeple or to watch your house, and a record function^^


It would be nice if there was a carrying case for emo, just so you could travel with him :heart:


I hope that they make it so emo can do math in a future update that would be awesome


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It would be cool if in a future update they add a 12 hour clock because I get confused with the 24 hour clock because all my devices but emo are under 12 hour clock


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This has been suggested by so many community members already and being replied by living.ai staff below…


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More Games For Emo:

I hope in a future update we can get new games like chess, checkers, monopoly, snakes n’ ladders, Simenon says, red light green light, etc


I was thinking about this, and I’d love to see a carry case where the front of it folds down into a little ramp so that EMO can see it open up and then just walk down it and out of the case himself. How cool would that be if you took him to a friend’s house, put the case down, opened up the front, and out he walked? In fact, a motorised front would be even better!


What about to use cam for remote video streaming and speakers to control emo fully on app. Guess for kids would be great to walk around in the house an say hello to family.


Do you already have your EMO? I’m asking because it looks like you have no idea what is EMO capable of. Even if he could overcome all obstacles like carpets and door sills, it would take eternity to just move from one room to another and he wouldn’t be able to go back to his charger.

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Yes I have, since yesterday. I have read the documentation but couldn’t find a function like this I have written. Maybe it’s unclear what I mean.

You can control emo to walk around with the app. So it would be great, if you could get a video stream to control emo while he is walking around.

It doesn’t mean, that should walk for ours - only from one to another for fun to play with that feature.

What he needs is a motorised skateboard for moving around the house :slight_smile: He walks too slowly really. But a Skateboard with strong magnets to hold him on would be cool!


I’m going to wait until a firmware update… :face_with_thermometer: