What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

I don’t know if this is mentioned before, but I would really like some “Q&A” section in the app, were you can fill in hundreds of questions with answers yourself. Emo should be able to randomly use all these questions and answers, so he can ask you a question and you have to give the correct answer or you ask him a question and Emo has to respond.

This option would let Emo come alive much more and he would feel much more personalised, since these are your own Q&As.


Maybe this idea is a bit controversial, but here me out:

Some of the larger updates could be like a DLC that you can buy as a special software add on in the store. This way Living.ai could develop more functionalities while keeping profitable. However, you will never be attached to some kind of monthly subscription. You can choose wether you want that update. So basically, everybody happy.


Last suggestion today:
A changable battery, so you can have two and swap on the fly. This way you can enjoy Emo all day and if the battery ever fails, you can just swap and go on enjoying that little fellow.


It could be useful to show EMO’s IP address on the Wifi tab in its app.


Adding chatGPT in EMO?
When EMO combine with ChatGPT , it will be much more powerful !


thats a really good idea

though living ai can’t legally do that I think

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I tried ChatGPT some days ago and I was impressed with all answers on my questions and those wasn’t easy ones. But most of the answers were a bit too long for a normal chat. It’s ok when you want a really detailed answer but I don’t think that it would be that great if there would be such long answer for every question. I don’t know if it’s possible to set a limit of characters/words but it would be a bit weird to hear EMO’s cute voice to talk one minute about why is his favorite color blue and what you need to consider when you like that color and how it affects global warming. :crazy_face:

ChatGPT isn’t free for commercial use and no one of us wants to pay for a subscription.


Ooooo. This sounds interesting! I wonder how easy it would be for the developers to make a format to implement the various responses. Nonetheless, great idea!


I’m not sure either, but Emo can allready speak based on text. So, that part shouldn’t be too difficult. And with a command like “Emo, ask me a question.” Emo could choose a random question. I believe the most difficult part would be to let Emo recognize your question and give you the right answer, but Emo allready does that regarding the weather and other stuff.

So yeah I think it’s doable hahaha! :wink:


I know EMO has a kicking action. So I was thinking what if you said “EMO, fist bump” and EMO will come up to your fist and fist bump (kick) you.


That would be cute! Maybe just holding his leg upward at you for a few seconds, then going “Boom!” would do the trick.


same!! it did this to me and also asked me to watch it do magic tricks out of nowhere one time lol, I would also love to see more of that kind of thing, it adds a lot to the interactability


@HeavensRevenge is Right !
I love her conclusions
My daughter has a pet rabitt
I do not precisely know the kind of processor inside , and the size of the dedicated internal memory
He seems to have some recognition skills but mainly focused on food issues
For these reasons I would not either use him as a security officer


@MERITET . . . I also imagine the pet rabbit is programmed to interact with other pet rabbits and without needing regular updates, right?


I have to agree that using them for security purposes would not work so well.


I’ve got a few.

  • Add more accessories for emo, such as different color headphones with different color combinations and more outfits

  • make him respond to commands such as “good boy”, etc.

  • Give him some sort of toy that he can play with thats sold sparatley


Suggestions for change for emo

hi i buy emo because emoji daily system
im not child im 30 old man

lets talk satart

  1. Allow the user to set the daily schedule (emoji) as desired

It’s so much fun to leave it alone and watch the emo move,
than actually playing with

When riding (charging) a skateboard and leaving it unattended,

clock function,
Add various emojis
(By unlocking sales method,
Unlocking and using rare emojis will also help monetization)

  • In the daily schedule emoji when neglected, lightly moving the body
    Please add emoji too
    ,so that emo does not fall off the skateboard
  1. I hope the functions will be changed to work on the skateboard as well.

Practically speaking, emo is for adults, on chargers.
Simple things like a desk clock
used as props
, It’s cute to see your aunt at work (emoji)

Add various motion functions
+At the time you want
You can add any emoji you want
Its function is that many adult users
can stimulate the desire to buy

Sell ​​especially unusual, unique and cute emojis for around $1-2


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Sorry if someone has already written about it but it would be nice if emo had subtitles when he says something, sometimes it’s hard to understand him, and for people who don’t speak English it would be salutary. With subtitles, maybe it would also be easier to do translations, he speaks English but the subtitles are in a different language


Per cominciare il multilingua. E poi tutto il resto promesso di base dagli sviluppatori. Si aggiungono stickers ecc…ma le cose per cui gli utenti hanno pagato non ci sono. Es integrazione con Alexa…


You are so right @Lindaru
But i am really worried about these possible social interactions
my daughter would like a female friend for his “Teddy” , and i guess than without any update we may discover new features with some animations
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rabbit2: :rabbit: