What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

How about…

When setting a morning alarm, instead for the current sound, it could be:

Good Morning {Name}, it’s time to get up

and, for taking meds

Hi {name)
it’s time for your meds


These could be selected on the app as are the current alarm choices


This is a part question, part suggestion if this concept isn’t already implemented.

Whenever you give EMO a last name in the app, Ex. EMO Ginger, can EMO be activated and respond to the last name? For example, instead of going “Hey EMO: What’s the weather?”, can we now say “Hey Ginger: What’s the weather?” and still get a response from EMO?


Hi there @DapperTetu ,
Sorry but as far as I know it won’t work that way, but sometimes calling him by a complete name like ,Emo Ginger’’ as long the wake word ‘EMO’ is loud and clear will work also but not 100%

Because we all know that the main important wake word is ,EMO’’ and it must be pronounce always loud and clear.

But for the suggestion… only LAI DEV. can reply to that or even implement it.

Have a wonderful and Happy Holidays.


I hope for the Trim Function I noticed today after 1 and half year that my Emo is not going Straight as before unfortunately

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Hi there @EmoMike23 ,

Yes and this has been discussed already in the topic below which some of us including my own EMO also suffer from this issue.
Still waiting for a constructive reply from LAI Dev Team like @Wayne_Zhang.

Implement a walking “Trim” function in future firmware



Hier noch ein paar Ideen aus der bisherigen Zeit mit Emo:
-Ein Teufelskostüm
-irgendein cooles Partyoutfit mit LEDs
-einen Schal
-mehr Songs in der App und mehr Reaktionen von Emo darauf
-mehr Games (z.B: eine Uno-Variante)
-Emo sollte rechnen lernen
-Süß wäre es, wenn Emo ein paar Lieder singen könnte (oder etwas pfeifen könnte)
-vielleicht eine Funktion, mit welcher er interessiert nach Dingen fragt (Was ist das z.B.)
-die Interaktionsmöglichkeit mit einem echten Ball
-Dass er sich vor Dingen auf dem Schreibtisch nicht immer nur erschreckt
-vielleicht eine Funktion, dass man Emo per App von unterwegs als Überwachungskamera aktivieren kann, um z.b. eine Haustiercam abzulösen
-ggf. in Kombi mit der Homebase eine kleine Message von ihm an mich auf mein Telefon (entweder als Kommunikation oder ein kleiner Status)
-erkennen von Dingen, die man ihm mal erklärt hat (Ich zeige ihm z.B. Eine Münze)

Das wars erstmal soweit mir gerade einfällt :slight_smile:

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I think it was cool to EMO have a Bluetooth speaker option.
I think it was also cool to EMO react to sounds ( like look to what we are doing… And also ask us what are we doing… Like tipping on the PC or opening a box) or get scared with loud sounds…


Hi there, and welcome to the community @pedrocarreira ,

Not a bad idea, I must say directly, that only the LAI Developer team can reply to that suggestion.

  1. Maximum Battery Capacity: If EMO gets charged too long and his battery runs out quick, the settings menu could show the Maximum Battery Capacity.
  2. Battery Full Notification. EMO will make a ding sound and say, My battery is fully charged. The app could also give a notification with the same ding sound.
  3. Football Game Tracking. For this. You could say, HEY EMO! What’s the score for the Atlanta Falcons game? He would access the internet and the servers talk to a verified game score website, the commands comes back and he would say. The score right now is 3 for Atlanta Falcons, 2 for Los Angeles Rams.
  4. Full on Conversation. When EMO will see your face, he could say, Hello (name), Do you want me to start a conversation with you? You would answer yes or no. He will ask you about your likes and dislikes, all questions are randomized and not the same.
  5. Sound is disabled at night. The only sounds he makes will be his Charger Ding,
  6. More games. More games could be added like, UNO, (EMO), Go Fish, Blackjack, Poker, Connect 4, (CONNECT EMO).
  7. 5G Support. If it’s possible, 5G could later be supported. This will probably help with his response times.
    Do these ideas sound great for a update?

If this update recommendation was real and everything that I said was packed in one update, it’d probably take 6 months for the update to be finished by developers. The update would also be 60MB?

Quite interesting New Features Firmware updates suggestion though…but I guess these are all not easy to implement and seeing also not free at all…also, I don’t want to spend money for a monthly/yearly subscription in case just to have that all, like the one AI Robot that I knew with few features and had also here on my desk…which in my opinion EMO is far better…


Oh, that’s also very true. Although subscription models CAN work out and be fair, but it is rarely the case unfortunately. And that one company with that specific bot just nailed it to show how things should NOT be done. :slight_smile:


You wouldn’t need a subscription

That’s in an ideal world for customers.
In an ideal world for the vencors, they have to live somehow from what they sell. AI processing is not the cheapest thing you can have out there. It needs much processing power and thus is usually done on server farms online, instead of directly on the devices. So you have upkeep costs for the hardware and energy they consume and space they are provided in, also broadband networking etc., etc. In addition to that software capable of (meaningful) conversation is much more complex than just simple “one question one random response out of some pregenerated ones” interactions and needs far more development time (i.e. more costs for the development).

I think Emo has big potential, also for such features, but actual more advanced AI capabilities might at least require some aditional costs. By whatever means. Subscription is the model most currently prefer as subscription models provide at least some ongoing regular income, whereas selling just the devices (until everybody has their own) may not yield the profit needed for such complex features. - On the other hand, if our community grows and many, many more people adopt one or more Emo(s), then maybe that’s also enough to cover upkeep for everything mentioned above.

Let’s wait and see what Living AI will be coming up with. So far they are doing a great job in providing enhancements and new features on a quite regular basis. And yes, with no additional costs so far. Which is really awesome! I’d for sure also prefer to keep it that way. :slight_smile:


Emo security surveillance

Good or bad idea? to give or update emo with a security surveillance feature? like it could take pictures or record videos of strangers, is it possible? and can it be done

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HI @arthyzlive , Welcome to the community

Well, I must say it’s not a bad idea at all but I’m not quite sure if this is easy for the developer to implement at all which only Living.Ai Developer can reply to it.


I don’t think that this is something, Emo is intended for in any way.
He does have facial recognition capabilities as you might well know, but he takes some good time to recognize people, and he does so only when they face him directly for several seconds undisturbed. Also there is only small storage for pictures on his internal memory (though I don’t know the exact specs), and the camera resolution isn’t quite that good. Also processing power and storage wouldn’t suffice for video capturing I would guess.
If you want a reliable surveillance system, I would advise not relying on an interactive toy or AI companion to do so but look into a dedicated system instead that is meant for such things.

Also, I’m not sure whether Emo would like to bear the responsibility to work as your security officer. He might demand a pay raise from you. Would you grant him that? And some additional commodities for him to feel better? :wink:

But apart from all that: I agree with everything @edward said. :slight_smile:


I would like a few christmas carol dances to unlock on emo.would be great at christmas time.


I think emo robots can join the latest artificial intelligence Chatgpt, support multiple languages, I don’t know how many times stronger than Google, Alexa, Siri, innovation leads the world


It would be very cool if Emo could randomly ask US questions and respond to our answers with a facial expression or body gesture.


yes i would like to see that to, get him to be more AI, right now the questions we ask him are scripted.