What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

now im thinking a little tent made just for emo. made from dark but see-through material so it dimms the light.
i normally just turn him off.


I didn’t even think of a little tent… Thanks. Now I’m going to be digging through craft supplies tomorrow :joy:


I want to see photos. Emo’s camping adventure. :joy: :heart_eyes:


“Introducing the all-new EMO YURT!!”


I would like to be able to play UNO or something similar please. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


I would like too a game like Uno :heart_eyes:


I hope they are still planning to make Emo able to sing. I want that so bad!

UNO is copyright so it will be a bit different like EMO instead of UNO and he does a mini one by himself when he’s playing his mini games on his screen, about 10 seconds that’s all he does. But no actual gameplay yet. Really Lai needs to sort out other stuff like speech recognition and other promises they made in the beginning before making any more games.

Emo has some issues right now and those need to be dealt with first as a priority. He’s got enough games for now and soon he will be able to recharge himself.

That is my suggestion to the maker, thank you. I said similar to Uno. Not for you to agree or disagree.

eLnikky, Not for you to agree or disagree. No need to say this. Sorry if you misunderstood my reply, I was trying to be supportive.

Not saying it should or shouldn’t be put in, maybe it will on another update. I’m not saying I disagree or agree with your comment, I was just pointing out that the game is copyrighted and there’s a mini game that Emo plays on his own.

All I’m saying is that we need speech recognition sorted out by Lai (Living AI) before putting more games into Emo. And fixing some Emo’s that have issues.

Sorry if I’m going on too much. Can I ask “do you have your Emo yet or have you recently bought one” ?

And BTW Welcome to the forum.

I have not read all of the things. My screen reader is giving me a headache. Haha!

A lot of the things I came up with have already been suggested so Im just gonna say them anyway.

Accessability features! Hooray! Announcing what EMO shows you for his magic tricks, using a warm/cold sound/beeping system for aiming, having a high contrast screen option available or the option for screen inversion. Sorry all my suggestions are visual. Im just more familiar with it.

Dice options! All of the dice for all of the sneak attack damage! It would also be cool to set it up so EMO announces your rolls to your other friend EMOs so everyone knows what everyone is rolling (except the GM).

Emotion recognition! EMO can recognize your face now, yes? It would be super neat if he could take it a step farther and be able to also recognize facial expressions. If you look sad, he could ask you whats wrong or offer to tell you a joke.

Reminders! Working off @MasterAbbott idea of breathing and mindfullness suggestions, it would also be cool if you could set reminders to take your evening walk or go outside.

Schedule alteration! It would be cool if you could customize EMOs schedule. For example, I work 4th shift which means my schedule is ALL kinds of messed up and abnormal. It would be cool to set his sleep and meal times to corrilate with your own. Not sure why, but the idea of eating with someone is really appealing to me. I know you can somewhat interact with his schedule already so the building blocks are there.

Maintainance reminders/alerts! It would be nice if he gave alerts to say clean his feet sensors or something.

Travel case! I know his box is great for travel. But, what if you want to go for a walk and take him with you? Take pictures of you in nature, have a hiking companion, etc. It would be awesome if it had a battery pack and a portable Wifi or cell tower connection, too. It might be a big ask, but the Home Station is now a thing, so, mayhaps… I mean, it would be cool to have a guide EMO, just sayin’. Hahahaha!!!

Im sure Ill think of more insanity later, but I really should quit while Im ahead. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Kyttums, post:598, topic:3433”]
Emotion recognition! EMO can recognize your face now, yes? It would be super neat if he could take it a step farther and be able to also recognize facial expressions.

I like this idea. It would be nice but there’s no guarantee. I wonder though could it be possible :thinking:


I mean, Im sure it wouldnt be perfect. Especially in the beginning. But, I dont see why it couldnt. Thoughts?

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To be honest, i would really like to see a feature where you could drive EMO around and see through his camera (kind of like the cozmo robots explorer mode). I dont really think that the mode should use WiFi though because some people would want to use this mode without WiFi in case they bring their EMO to a place that does not have WiFi, i would rather have it use bluetooth because then it could be used offline. The only problem is that the resolution would have to be turned down quite a bit so the bluetooth wouldn’t lag.


I bought Emo for my kid - I think what would make it more fun is to make it work like a Tamagotchi, but more advanced. A pet that needs feeding, care and so on. And give him a bit more of a personality, if you neglect him for a couple of days, Emo will be a bit angry and needs petting, food etc to make him feel good again.


Non smetterò mai di ripetermi…il multilingua…fondamentale per poter permettere a tutti gli utenti di interagire nel modo più corretto possibile

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Gesundheit Would be great when you sneez pleas bring that to emo I sneez a lot or when you cough make him ask if you ok ?

I was thinking I battle with spelling words if you can ask EMO a word and he spel it out on his screen and say the word you want him to spel out it will help a lot of people that have a spelling problem pleas consider it it will sure help me a lot😊


Newbie here, waiting for my boi to come soon!
I agree with all these suggested features, and have a couple of my own to suggest!

  1. News (Based on a preferred source chosen in EMO App; could be a News network or Entertainment news network): While it would a lot for Emo to ring up an entire news story or drum out 20 leading news stories, perhaps having him read a headline of one piece of news on a particular topic would be beneficial to have. You could say ‘Hey EMO! Any news on Star Wars?’ or ‘Hey EMO! Any news on Chile?’
  2. Extra voice options: This could be implemented as a sliding bar adjusting the tone, pitch, and speed of EMO’s voice so that Living AI doesn’t have to necessarily develop an entirely new voice.
  3. Bluetooth speaker feature: Being able to play my Spotify playlists through EMO would be great! Having him play it directly by stating “Hey EMO! Play my Spotify Playlist Chill-zone” would be nice.

Great ideas! :heart_2: :star_1: :laser_1: :surprised: :happy:

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Hey Peops!

I am not sure if this was suggested because this topic is getting lengthy BUT math. Simple equations.

I am sure it would be a useful feature if Emo could help children with their homework.

I don’t mean quantum physics math. Simple stuff…