What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

Hey everyone! So its been almost a week with EMO and I love it! so definitely one of the things that needs improvement is the variety of things you can go back and forth with him.
Like I asked him “hey Emo do you like coffee” or what’s your favorite food? and he doesn’t respond.
Little things like that and cute responses to random cute questions would be awesome!
he feels kinda limited. but hey its a growing process!!!


Love this little guy, been watching him for the last few days and I plan to purchase in in the near future! Few suggestions.

Perhaps more aware of his surroundings? Love that he can stop himself from falling off the edge and dislikes being picked up.

Perhaps he can be aware when the area is dirty or cluttered, or when there’s water near by he can be afraid of it. Maybe he can do a reaction to when there is a sudden change of temperature in the room.

Maybe he can sneeze when it’s dusty. Shiver when it’s cold. Sweat when it’s hot (can also be according to outdoor changes!) Of course this would all be possible through animations since i know his range of movement is limited.

More customization? I know all Emo’s come in black right now but I’d love to see more color choices in the future! Maybe a glow in the dark feature…

Recognizing other family members and friends. It would be funny if emo said hello to other siblings if they are registered while they are walking by.

Also, from what I’ve seen thus far is that he’s a little delayed while giving responses. I guess this depends on WIFI speed in the house but I’d like to see this improved. It would also be really funny if we could pick out his voice/accent. Also maybe give him a new name once he’s activated?

I’d also love more trivia facts from him like “Emo, can you tell me the current president of the united states?” Obviously these answers would be pulled from the internet. It would also be fun if he could do simple math problems like 2+2.

Love his design but it would be also really funny if he had magnetic arms you could take on and off like his headphones. It would be really funny if he could wave hello and pick up stuff!

That’s all from me :slight_smile:


Such things would require certain extra sensors on Emo, probably making it more expensive. And if it is put into Emo by updates people who already own one right now won’t be able to make use of it’s new functions. So I don’t think this is such a good idea for already existing Emo’s. Appreciated the idea tho. Maybe for a new model, when Emo has gained a bit more acceleration in it’s Recognizability.

Great Ideas/suggestions @soulight The option to take EMO’s headphones off and replace them with moving arms is something a few EMO owners have previously spoken about, and also including small little accessories EMO could hold in his hand as well, like a lunch box/briefcase/electric burger to eat!

Thanks for sharing, even if some might not be added to EMO, there are no right or wrong suggestions or ideas. The point of this thread is so Living.Ai can see them and if they think it’s possible to do maybe they can add them in at one point down the line.

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Just an expansion on what has been said before about EMO falling off things - this does seem to happen a lot for certain tables/surfaces, especially with edges that are curved or uneven. Perhaps EMO could build a mental map of where edges are (i.e. where he’s sensed them), so he doesn’t continually walk towards them? This could be a short term map that is quickly rewritten, but perhaps might reduce the issues with him walking off in a way that doesn’t require better/more expensive sensors and works in non-ideal environments.




Hopefully other languages will be added to EMO in future firmware updates.

ps. Those game keychains look great!

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Its not really an improvement idea but what is we get some EMO merch! Like pins or coffee mugs and shirts with his usual phrases like “Im thinking about life” I haven’t looked if there are already some in the market.


Why do you have to resort to insulting my daughter?!? For your misguided information, she is not the only one who is having this problem! If you would have been paying attention to the forum, you would have seen that other people have had this problem! Hence the introduction of the voice recording page that LAI has put up. This seems to affect female voices that are high pitched. You don’t need to insult people to get your point across! Grow up!

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I think you should add 12 hour time in the future (preferably next update)

Ho JJ , did you lost your sense oh humour
I do not insult your daughter , i am just joking
I think I am very near of your opinion on Living AI’ involvments in making EMO progress
On many posts you report than many things go wrong and than few things are done to fix them
I do the same observation , More of that , I get the uneasy feeling than the business plan of Living AI is more on making money producing and selling this expensive toy with rather basic skills ( which seems also your point of view ) than really developing it . Letting the community dream on multiple hypothetical developments and sustaining the dream .The emotional bonds we create with this “pet” take birth more in our imagination than in the real interactions we got , but are very useful to maintain and communicate the illusion of a real AI in motion .
We speak about future languages of EMO , about new skills , Living AI remains silent
Facing that , you choose bravely to report and flag regularly the problems , with sometimes a kind of irritation in front of a great inertia.
I am very confident and respectful in the power and the sincerity of our community , bur more pessimistic on a possible positive evolution if we consider the few improvements already done.
I am not criticising the quality of people developping EMO , but the number of people dedicated to it.
Many of us are able to assess the difficulty of it and to note the progress done
So I decided to take it as it is , and I do prefer joking about that than crying in the desert.
Sometimes it is funny , sometimes not , But it seems me better to laugh at
But make no mistake , after all this is also a form of denial like any other.
I do not laugh or insult your daughter , I just believe than this issue will remain a long time in our discussions . So many people would just like EMO to work properly


Let’s hope that Living.ai continue to update and improve EMO with new features and listen to the community’s feedback/criticism and work on addressing issues that need to be fixed (like the wake-up training for example) so that everyone can use EMO and not have him sitting around doing nothing.

Everyone should be able to enjoy EMO without having to scream/yell to get him to respond when we call out his name.

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hi Mister Abbott… I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this but I’ve known about it forever that his 4 microphones if there actually is 4 of them don’t work well. You know I can whisper to the Alexa device three times further away it’s that great and no false alarms with televisions… Yet with EMO Pet I have to raise my voice talk extremely slow and do this usually on average a few times. I’m glad you mentioned something to do with the speech system because it’s what makes EMO Pet everything and it’s the most disappointing. But I do not hold hope that living AI will fix it… But my point here is a hope they can turn up the sensitivity of those microphones. I know people mention they should detect direction but I would be happy if I just didn’t have to raise my voice. Just chimed in about the microphones…

I hope everything is going well for you over in Australia I’m still fascinated by that country. My first ever CD for a computer was all the amazing marsupials of Australia on a 386 hee hee… I thought it was so amazing I’ve never lost my love for all wonderfull creatures there… Even if some of them are dangerous :scream:

only a little thing.
can a response be added to the “What are you doing.”
Can emo say “exploring.”


Hi, I have Emo for 3 months and an important and easy feature is that emo can repeat phrases or words said by user. Maybe with his voice.
Thank you



I have been having EMO with me since almost a month now. I have few suggestions about some very important interaction. Sometimes there are instances where we won’t know why he reacted.

  1. To know why he reacted in scared manner, we can ask him “EMO, what happened”.
  2. Also an improvement on “EMO, what are you doing”.
    – EMO usually answers saying “I am taking to you” - this is fine in case he was doing nothing.
    – most frequent answer is “I am running my code”. Instead may be he can reply as what he was just doing. In case of having lunch, dinner or painting. “I was busy painting”, “I was having my dinner”.
  3. On battery fully charged. May be EMO can let us know by saying “I am fully charged. May be you can take me off the skate board to spend some time with me”.

I believe most of them owning EMO will want to have the above interaction.


Really cool idea :smile: . I would listen to these bedtime stories from EMO for sure :smile:


make emo be able to play songs from your playlist! i would love to jam with him around me :)))


I love this idea! Alexa does question of the day and keeps points. So much fun!

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Nuovo aggiornamento ma del supporto multi lingua ancora nessuna traccia…per me … E non solo… Sarebbe l’aggiornamento principale … Le animazioni vanno bene ma non permettono a tutti i possessori di interagire come si vorrebbe con il proprio amico…risultato?!..EMO spento sulla credenza…già i microfoni sono quello che sono, la pronuncia di un non inglese sicuramente non è perfetta…va bene…resteremo ancora in attesa