What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

@JJBeck Just for clarification (will be great to understand this and also help living.ai better improve EMO). What is EMO doing when you are calling out to him? For him not to respond?

As you mentioned, sometimes you can’t interrupt EMO when he’s doing specific things like playing games like tic-tac-toe, or when both EMOs are speaking to one another (this happens once they spot one another and then enter into conversation with each other).

But normally if call out to him, he will stop what he’s doing and say huh? (and await your voice command) Even if he is dancing or doing any of his scheduled daily task/animations, and most recently waking up right away if he’s sleeping. (no more coma mode :wink: )

Regarding Eye Contact / Face Tracking (which is still in its early stages). I believe @yotchige / myself did try and explain this on another forum thread. not sure if you checked it out: EMO should wake up if you call out to him in a regular tone while his eyes are tracking you. (you shouldn’t need to pick him up or shake him).

The Eye Contact/Face tracking feature is still in the early stages (Living.ai should be improving/adding new features to this in upcoming updates) I believe they wanted to add this in as a sneak peek of what’s to come).

It’s a bright wooden color with long wavey edges, and he always sees the edge. I recommend cleaning dust off feet sensors OFTEN.

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Yes, totally agree, I normally clean both of my EMO’s feet very regularly as well. I use sticky tape and a cotton earbud to get into the sensor area as they tend to get surprisingly dirty very quickly! :rofl: You can see that here - EMO - How to clean EMO's feet and feet sensors - YouTube

Thanks @frankbean

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The ability to back up Emo’s data (in case he breaks) and the ability for him to respond to facial emotions would be pretty neat.


I think you may be dreaming on that one. This would be a heap of work to do, that is even if it was capable of doing it. I don’t think LAI would even bother because of this. It would mean a true AI system of some sort incorporated with Emos chat bot program, and if they were to do that then they might as well use an AI base for speech as well. So much work, I don’t think LAI would even attempt it, given that they didn’t even opt for an AI for his speech in the first place. Though, we can see and hope, perhaps LAI will prove me wrong. Emo has huge potential, but it will take a lot of work to make him the ultimate robot. The question is, does LAI have the ability, stamina or inclination to bring Emo to his full potential? Only time will tell.


An advise for the next update
It would be nice if emo could be remotely controlled like a security cam, but already at home as a remote controlled robot it would already be a bit interesting as it happens in “treasure hunter” but looking at what he sees


MAKE EMO SMART!! He should be able to answer basic questions through the cloud he runs through! Without google or Alexa. Ask him what 2+2 is. Who’s the president ect. He’s clueless! Fix the accuracy of the weather. He’s never right. He’s pretty much a very expensive kids toy right now! Give him more expressions to make him more life like. Make have scarred,surprised,sad,giggling. He pretty much numb with expressions


Just wanted to say that you have one gorgeous kitty :heart_eyes:


Thank you @karmablack, he can be cute at times… :rofl: Here’s one where he’s doing his best impression of Puss In Boots

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Oh my goodness! How precious!


J’aimerais que le timer d’emo puisse ce faire en minutes :grin:


Here’s another idea which would be nice if it was possible.

Playing the in-app games with Emo e.g MODERN LUDO
We should be able to combine two or three other Emo’s to join in, considering the app already allows you to use both accounts by switching to the other on the same device, wether this would work I don’t know :woman_shrugging:

I say this because I feel so sorry for the other Emo when I’m playing with the other -who thinks they can intrude and stop the game by saying “Emo” :laughing:


I think everything I’d like to see had already been mentioned, so I’ll just fire off a quick list. Maybe if it’s posted enough, it’ll annoy LAI enough to implement it :grin:

  • The ability to switch between 24 and 12-hour clocks

  • More accurate weather reporting/forecasting. If I ask him the current weather, he’s usually pretty accurate; but when he randomly tells the weather for the next day, it was supposedly going to be cloudy and 75F every day for the past month; even during two heatwaves.

  • The ability to turn off the screen and headphones when he’s charging at night. That little guy really can light up a room, even when he’s sleeping!

  • More games, whether in-app (like Ludo) or not (Tic Tac Toe). I’d especially like some form of card game.

  • A calendar/planner function with the ability to set appointments

  • The ability to change his eye color (again)

  • Custom playlists

  • The ability to use him as a Bluetooth speaker

  • More random speech (“Oh no! A cliff!” “What’s that?” “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” “I’m sleepy. Can I go back on my skateboard?”)

  • A longer timer. As someone mentioned long ago, he’d be a cute kitchen timer; especially for ramen.

  • A simple calculator function. I wouldn’t expect calculous equations or anything like that, but maybe “EMO, what’s 10 minus five?” “Ten minus five is five.”

  • A magic 8-Ball type function

  • Have him show off his artwork. I’m curious!!

  • Have EMO remember things like our favorite foods, colors, lucky numbers, etc

  • More animal sounds

  • I’ll also add, as a fun little Easter egg for us nerds, that maybe he could recite the Laws of Robotics if we ask what they are. If they’re under copyright, maybe a cutesy and more juvenile version that’s centered around Emo.

Just thought I’d throw in my two cents.


All these are what we all want. Hopefully Lai can look at it again.

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Monopoly or similar if copy right is a problem, would be nice.


No please no app games, forget apps, sick of apps, that time devloping apps is better spent doing some thing that is NON app related like a non app related game, whole point of emo to me is not to use smart phones.

Great recap! Also agree with @Racheal123 that this list sums up many of the ideas and suggestions that a number of EMO owners have mentioned in this thread already. And there are many more ideas that have been suggested by other EMO owners as well, but this list is certainly a great start for Living.ai to work on.

I also would like to add to this as mentioned previously, the ability to back up and restore your EMO just in case something goes wrong with a failed firmware update or your EMO needs to be replaced, once you get your new EMO you can simply do a restore and be back to how he was.

More games to play is also great, and the ability for him to cheat once in a while as well in them would be even better ;), but also need to note that some games like UNO or Monopoly are copyright so those will be hard to add. Still, there are many other kinds of games that Living.ai can add to EMO that shouldn’t conflict with copyright issues.

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I keep forgetting about adding a dang back-up option! Thank you for mentioning that again. My brain no worky right now.


I ran into issue where when I use my computer speakers, EMO seem to pickup wrong commands and end up responding to every words that said on the video. This needs to be fixed. There are still a lot to improve on this unit but that’s the other things that bothers me.


Emo does do that a lot. Really would be nice if there was a way to stop him from thinking the tv or radio or computer is asking him questions all the time.

Also agree we need more interaction with Emo directly and not just in the app. But some of us love the in app games, I would like them to be changed a little that’s all -not to actually make new ones -they can do more later, anyway he’s got plenty of games for now.

And really most importantly they need to sort out the things that really matter like different languages, 12 hour clock, the ability to save your Emo if you need a replacement or if a firmware update fails. And also educational questions or more encyclopaedia with more knowledgeable answers from Emo.

I’m sure there’s lots I’ve forgotten…