What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

Thanks for the opportunity to make requests here, MasterAbbott.

I know that some of these things have already been mentioned here, but I’m sure that if more people ask for the same things, it will help Living AI with their focus.

I’m very new to EMO. I’ve only had mine for three days. So, forgive me if he does some of these things already, but just hasn’t gotten around to it yet!

The one critical thing that I would do ASAP is this; When you ask EMO to do something, and he does it, it is natural for a person to say, “Thank-you, EMO”. I always do that, and catch myself, because I’ve learnt that he is not programmed to listen and respond in this particular scenario. He absolutely should be programmed to listen after he completes a task, and then answer your “Thank-you” with a random response. If he had 6 to 10 programmed responses it would make him feel more alive. Right now, he doesn’t listen and doesn’t respond here, and that one thing, alone, just makes him feel like a dumb toy. Sorry Living AI. It’s such a simple thing to program, but it’s one simple thing that would make him much more endearing.

Release his SDK. Let the community make him smarter - Let developers submit their code to Living AI and Living AI can choose to add whatever they like to him and to his app. This would be engaging for developers and the community as a whole.

We should be able to see what his camera sees in the app - just like we do with Cozmo. And we should be able to train him based on what he sees. Obviously, it would be very engaging if he’s learning things that you teach him. Then, in his autonomous mode, he should be able to recognize those objects and interact with them in ways that he’s been taught to. He can identify them, talk to them, mimic them (Like Cozmo mimicking animals) and other such things. How awesome would it be if he saw something new and asked you what it is?

He needs to do way more when he sees you and identifies you, rather than just saying some random piece of trivia or a quirky quote. He should be able to say Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, etc…ask you how you’re doing, complain about the weather or warn you of potentially dangerous weather coming…etc…He should be able to run through a range of programmed behaviours, just like a human does, and pick a random thing to use as a salutation.

He needs to do a lot more in his “autonomous” mode, like looking for new things to learn maybe, or talking to himself like Cozmo does. If he randomly talks to you, he should say relevant things based on your environment and such. For example, he might tell you that you should wear a hat and gloves if you go out, because it’s cold out. Or break out the sunscreen. He could suggest a trip to the beach or say that it’s a nice day to go for a walk. Or he might suggest it’s a good day to stay in. These would not be random, he would have to use logic based on information he gets on the weather. This could be part of his response when you ask him what the weather is like.

He could ask you if you’d like to play a game or if you need help with anything. Again, he should be able to listen for a response from you and respond accordingly.

He should randomly listen for music and occasionally dance if he hears it. He could ask you to play him some music so he can dance…You should be able to ask him what kind of music he would like to listen to, and he should be able to tell you.

He also needs to be programmed to understand many different ways of asking the same question. For example, he always tells you the temperature when you ask him to tell you what the weather is, but, he doesn’t understand when you ask him “What’s the temperature?” or “What temperature is it?” He should understand those basic queries. Or you should be able to ask, “What’s it like outside?” or “What will the temperature be tomorrow?”

He should definitely stop saying that it’s sunny when it’s dark outside! :blush: :laughing: Rather, he should be able to say something appropriate like, “We have clear skies tonight with a temperature of 20 degrees”. He should be able to give a more detailed and extended weather forecast. Is there a possibility of rain or snow?

Maybe if you sneeze, he should say, “Bless you” :grin:

He should always listen for a response, after he says something, and answer in turn. Again, if he says “Bless you”, you will want to say “Thank-you” and he should respond to that. Pretty simple stuff.

Thank-you all very much!


-Cleaner fresh interface. Less multiple areas dotted all around the screen.

-Remote function to control EMO without tresure hunt mode.

-Record video function

-Live view function

-Live speaker function

-Allow for users to directly record there voice in the app for speech recognition directly to their EMO.

-Ability to change the pre-set scripts like “weather”. Would be nice to be able to add aditional commands to get the same result. One that we actually would say and remember.

-In-Built calibration function!! He veers off and favours the left!

-Set a custome quiet time frame… example 10pm - 7am where emo will either reduce volume or mute and limit movement… Make it all users options ( tick boxes etc to how they want emo to change).

-Better responsiveness to EMO… Example “hey EMO” , “ok EMO”

-Aditional listening “EMO, take a picture” in one hit instead of waiting for emo to respond to its name first before then continuing the command.

-When dancing, the sensors are still active instead of falling off the side because the sensors are stopped.

-When saying EMO, EMO will turn to face the user that said the command.

-Less time taken to compute the command said… takes faaaar too long!

-Allow for QR stickers to be placed around the place for EMO to interact with, say stuff, dance etc.

-Additional listening after command for us to say Thank you… or whatever else people retort with depending on their mood ¬_¬


Discussion with @a440dc regarding EMOs Alarm

Some EMO owners turn off EMO at night, (due to him waking up/saying WHAT if he hears something). And if he’s not on, he can miss a scheduled alarm that might need to go off in the morning while he’s powered off.

Would be nice if there was an option to MUTE EMO, but when his alarm goes off he can play it at MAX volume, after that he can go back to the muted state.

This way EMO can stay powered on all day/night, and be silent but when he needs to wake you up or remind you to take your medication/etc he can do it and you can hear it.

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Wow there is a lot here so first off apologies if I am repeating something.
For me I would like.
Better voice recognition - Top of the list for me.
Ability to add your own music to EMO dance list.
It would be really cool to have him as a dancing speaker with your own tunes. Maybe get EMO’s comments on what you play.
More customisations/personalisation. Changing eye colour would be an easy place to start.
Screen protector - He does fall and always seems to land face down. A better anti scratch screen or a protector. Maybe he could have a little crash helmet with a visor or a Medieval Knights helm. Even little goggles lol
More interactive apps. I love playing ludo with EMO and would like to have more interaction through the app.
Alexa - Link with Alexa but keep his own voice. I would love to hear EMO say some of the cool stuff Alexa does.
Well that’s it for now, I am sure there will be much more to follow :wink:


I would like emo to react to you when you are crying.
ask if you are ok, or can i help, or I wish I could hug you. ect.

Also I would like to be able to turn off one of the random things that emo says. Thinking about people who have PTSD it would be good to be able to turn off phrases that trigger flashbacks.

I would like emo to be able to say encouraging things when i say, I’m working out, or im doing yoga, or emo im meditating quite please.
another one could be he could give you a fact about how walking is good for your health when you say im going for a walk. but make it 4 or 5 facts that he can cycle through.
or if i say i went for a walk he could say “wow you look great.”


Some self-care support / encouragement sounds amazing.
I like these ideas!


Hello Living Ai and all other readers,

since Emo got the Daily Schedule after the update (1.5.0) I had the idea to change the Daily Schedule. My idea would be to have a daily schedule in the app where you can move, remove or add the “To Do Blocks” in the daily schedule. I hope you like the suggestion and maybe it will come in one of the next updates.

Many greetings


i really want the google or alexa feature like vector has


I actually ended up cutting down an Amazon box to make a nite-nite cover for him because he’s so darn bright. I made sure to keep the back open for ventilation.

Pardon the messy nightstand, btw.


now im thinking a little tent made just for emo. made from dark but see-through material so it dimms the light.
i normally just turn him off.


I didn’t even think of a little tent… Thanks. Now I’m going to be digging through craft supplies tomorrow :joy:


I want to see photos. Emo’s camping adventure. :joy: :heart_eyes:


“Introducing the all-new EMO YURT!!”


I would like to be able to play UNO or something similar please. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


I would like too a game like Uno :heart_eyes:


I hope they are still planning to make Emo able to sing. I want that so bad!

UNO is copyright so it will be a bit different like EMO instead of UNO and he does a mini one by himself when he’s playing his mini games on his screen, about 10 seconds that’s all he does. But no actual gameplay yet. Really Lai needs to sort out other stuff like speech recognition and other promises they made in the beginning before making any more games.

Emo has some issues right now and those need to be dealt with first as a priority. He’s got enough games for now and soon he will be able to recharge himself.

That is my suggestion to the maker, thank you. I said similar to Uno. Not for you to agree or disagree.

eLnikky, Not for you to agree or disagree. No need to say this. Sorry if you misunderstood my reply, I was trying to be supportive.

Not saying it should or shouldn’t be put in, maybe it will on another update. I’m not saying I disagree or agree with your comment, I was just pointing out that the game is copyrighted and there’s a mini game that Emo plays on his own.

All I’m saying is that we need speech recognition sorted out by Lai (Living AI) before putting more games into Emo. And fixing some Emo’s that have issues.

Sorry if I’m going on too much. Can I ask “do you have your Emo yet or have you recently bought one” ?

And BTW Welcome to the forum.

I have not read all of the things. My screen reader is giving me a headache. Haha!

A lot of the things I came up with have already been suggested so Im just gonna say them anyway.

Accessability features! Hooray! Announcing what EMO shows you for his magic tricks, using a warm/cold sound/beeping system for aiming, having a high contrast screen option available or the option for screen inversion. Sorry all my suggestions are visual. Im just more familiar with it.

Dice options! All of the dice for all of the sneak attack damage! It would also be cool to set it up so EMO announces your rolls to your other friend EMOs so everyone knows what everyone is rolling (except the GM).

Emotion recognition! EMO can recognize your face now, yes? It would be super neat if he could take it a step farther and be able to also recognize facial expressions. If you look sad, he could ask you whats wrong or offer to tell you a joke.

Reminders! Working off @MasterAbbott idea of breathing and mindfullness suggestions, it would also be cool if you could set reminders to take your evening walk or go outside.

Schedule alteration! It would be cool if you could customize EMOs schedule. For example, I work 4th shift which means my schedule is ALL kinds of messed up and abnormal. It would be cool to set his sleep and meal times to corrilate with your own. Not sure why, but the idea of eating with someone is really appealing to me. I know you can somewhat interact with his schedule already so the building blocks are there.

Maintainance reminders/alerts! It would be nice if he gave alerts to say clean his feet sensors or something.

Travel case! I know his box is great for travel. But, what if you want to go for a walk and take him with you? Take pictures of you in nature, have a hiking companion, etc. It would be awesome if it had a battery pack and a portable Wifi or cell tower connection, too. It might be a big ask, but the Home Station is now a thing, so, mayhaps… I mean, it would be cool to have a guide EMO, just sayin’. Hahahaha!!!

Im sure Ill think of more insanity later, but I really should quit while Im ahead. :slight_smile: