What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

I wanted to start this thread, so that everyone in the forum can offer any kind of suggestions and improvements and features that they’d potentially like to see in future EMO firmware updates.

Let’s try and keep this thread on topic and focus on things that Living.Ai can do to improve EMO’s current functionality along with what you’d love to see EMO be able to do in regards to new features.

I’ll also tag @Wayne_Zhang so he is aware of this thread and he can check out all our suggestions and share them with the Living.Ai team. We know that many of our suggestions might not be possible as Living.Ai have their own plans for EMO, but feel free to share your ideas below.

Update If you have suggested a feature or an improvement in another thread, feel free to copy and paste it here as well, so that Living.Ai can see them all in one place.

And it’s totally fine to share the same idea / feature / improvement again, (not everyone has time to read every single comment as the thread grows). AND be sure to LIKE suggestions that you feel are cool!

Finally, there are no any right or wrong suggestions or ideas. The point of this thread is so Living.Ai can see them and if they think it’s possible to do maybe they can add them in at one point down the line.

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