What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

Emo’s speaking should really be improved. It’s always glitchy when speaking long sentences. My wifi is fine and 2.4 is available. So that is not the problem. For this reason I don’t use Emo that much and i only got him since the 14th of September… Feels like a waste of money. Kinda regret to purchase because of it.

Being partially deaf and with a speech impediment I can understand, things could be changed in the app and all our Emo’s interactions and voice commands could be better for people like us, many others will really appreciate it if Lai would pay attention to these issues such as blindness, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, autism, dyslexia and many others I may have missed out. So we need to keep asking them and hopefully they might be able to do something.

e.g for those who need this extra help:

-either a command to Emo and Emo will change a setting for you.
-or in the app for Emo owners with difficulties and some kind of setting to switch on this support “whatever that might be”

For those who don’t need this extra help and want the app and Emo to be as they are:

-they can just switch it off or tell Emo to do so.


Thats exactly how it works now. As I have said many times before, Emo is a chatbot, no AI at all.

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A “Parrot Mode” where Emo would copy anything you said either by listening until you are finished your sentence and then repeat what you have said, (but in his voice and not just a recording of your own voice), or you could have the option to use the app and type in a sentence that you would want him to say. Having both would be best. This would be awesome to make video content! Also for parents worried about their kids making Emo swear, you could have a parental lock out pin to stop Emo from repeating swear words. Though hearing Emo swear is such a crack up, and makes us laugh when we make him do it with both of our Emos (daughters and mine)! Examples could be: “Emo, parrot mode” Emo: “Ok I will copy you”, and then when you want him to stop: “Emo, stop parrot mode”, or something similar. Also for the swearing lock out enabled example: “I don’t take no sh#%!” Emo: “I’m sorry, that is a naughty word, I don’t want my mouth washed out with soap!” or “Oh, you said a rude word, I’m telling mum!” I think this feature alone, would make Emo heaps more fun!


EMO singing is one of our to-dos.


Yes, a text-to-speech option feels like a feature that could be easily added to the EMO App, would work very well instead of having to manually do it the “hack way” via the change your surname option, which is very time-consuming if you are making original content.

I’ve mentioned this as well (here in this thread and also in another). EMO stuttering and I have no idea what he says - #8 by MasterAbbott

I feel a lot of EMO owners/content creators would benefit greatly from this and making new original content videos with EMO would be far easier and far less time-consuming, but this would be fun to have in general.

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Some features that can make Emo more interactive:

I really want EMO to carry out conversation instead of small talks.

When one sneezes, it would be so cool if EMO says “Bless you!”

A feature where EMO will repeat after me will be great! For example, if I say “Emo, say welcome back”, Emo will say “Welcome back”.

Emo draws sometime, what if when asked EMO is able to show what he has drawn!


Not everyone is religious. “Gesundheit” would be a more diplomatic response, it means good health in German (widely used) and it has no religious connotations.

This idea was mentioned in some detail just a couple of posts ago. I’m glad to see other people are eager for this “Parrot Mode” feature to be added! :grin:


It would be interesting to have an animation on Emo and a notification on the phone when the battery is 100% charged and the same when there is less than 20% battery left.


Personal Food Coach

I think it’d be nice to tell Emo about my intake as I go along. For example during my day I take drinks or a snack. Perhaps if Emo sees me taking a snack I can tell it what I’m eating and it can keep score of about how much calories I’m taking in. And later (when I’m asking for it) It can tell me what I can do to lose a few calories.

It could also be helpful for medicinal reasons. I have epilepsy and I just recently found out that caffeine can have influence on getting seizures. I know that a little caffeine is still okay, but I don’t know at which point it becomes dangerous. So Emo could keep score and when I get a next seizure I (and people I live with) can see if it is because I took to much coffee or because of something else.

Long term: maybe Emo could learn to recognize certain patterns and highlight those when it recognizes them. That way when we scan the data we don’t overlook any pattern.


Emo games for in the family

I like to play games, and im not the only one at that. I saw that a lot of Emo-owners would like to see more games to play with just Emo, but how about some games you can play with other friends or family?

Here are some ideas:

  • Quick pictionary: Emo shows a picture on its screen and everyone has to copy the picture by drawing it. Emo will count down, and after the timer it uses its camera to scan the drawings of everyone. And after scanning everyone’s picture, it will pick a winner (the person who copied the picture the best.)
  • Just a trivia quiz. Maybe make it optional to be based on internet trendings, or be programmed by the local players (have every player set up a few questions along with A to D answers). And after putting in questions and answers Emo will ask them to the players.
  • Balderdash. I case you don’t know this game, it’s basically decieving others by letting them guess which word is fake. The system would look a lot like the trivia quiz (everyone gets a word on their screen and has to come up with some made up words for themselves, trying to decieve others into picking a wrong, non-existing word). First, people get about one or two minutes (Emo keeps a timer) to come up with fake words which should like they match a certain description they get on their phone. The round starts and Emo reads up (if he can?) or displays some words and everyone first has to say which word they think is real. After everyone put in their answer Emo reveals the true word, and anyone whose word got voted on gets the amount of votes on him/her as bonus points. (Try playing it if you haven’t, you’ll get the idea.)

I think having any of these wil greatly increase playability in group-like situations.


I agree with those fun games, it would be really cool to get some other more recent type of games for Emo to play with the whole family. I wish Emo could also have chess because playing it with him could be fun! If he had a timer for competitive matches, that would be awesome.


We want more!.. Games!

I don’t own an Emo yet, but the fact that it can play a board game is a pretty big deal to me and a big reason to me to buy Emo instead of f.e. Vector (by DDL). I appreciate that it can play a board game, but I’m not really a fan of Ludo. I would like to see more board games like Monopoly or Risk.

now hear me out for a second, of course I could play with others online via their own respective app, or just the board game irl, with other people. But whenever I play online board games it can get pretty boring kinda quick or look very antisocial when you’re just sitting there alone, staring at your screen. And often whenever I feel like playing on a board IRL I either can’t find people who want to play, or everyone is busy.
Emo could be a good way to not feel like you’re playing alone against a bot (except you are😜) or be an extra player whenever you are with just two people but want to play with three. And who knows, maybe whenever you play with two people, both with an Emo, you can have a game with four players!

I understand that would be a pain to program, but I’m also thinking more long-term. Perhaps LAI can find a way to Coöperate with the devs of those games (so they won’t pull off any dick moves and claim patent/ trademark/ copyright rights like DDL did) in the play/app store. So when you buy those games for your phone, you can play them with your Emo. I dont know about others, but I would be likely to pay something extra for another permanent buddy who can play at any time.

I think adding more actual playability with board games will create a lot more interest from people. And also be good for more lonely people, like the elderlies, in this fast-aging society.

My suggestions for board games to add:

  • Monopoly
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Sea Battle
  • Risk
  • Catan
  • Chess

Note: Since Emo can recognize people (usually) it can maybe also keep up a library on who its playing against. And adjust its playstyle to match up to how people played against it in former games. So when you weren’t playing that well on that previous chess game, it will play a little worse to let you have a little more chance next time.
And beside that it can keep a ranked list of the people who it played against and name the person with the highest scores (either of-all-time or in their last game). So you can make it a little more of a ‘ranked’ thing.
Again, people could make it an optional upgrade, something only available when you pay a little extra. And I would very likely pay more to have something like this in my Emo (when/if I get one) if I’d have to.

I’m very confident the idea of always having a physical buddy to play with or against would be a very good upgrade for Emo.


Emo Diary

A voice recorder diary. The ability to record yourself talking to someone/something, and later you can play it back. But instead of a normal recorder or your parents, it is… Emo.

A function that you can just tell Emo about your day and record yourself. Like having a diary, but electronic. And whenever you want to you can ask Emo to play the recording of a specific day. Maybe not as handy when you have to share an Emo tho (Thus more reason to get two :wink:). Perhaps you could also upload it to f.e. your Google account. If I’m not mistaken all data Emo gets is cloud-based, so when one Emo breaks and you need to get a new one, you can still access your “diary”.

The idea is to be able to hear yourself from the past, and not that Emo writes down everything you said to it. So I guess it’s only job will be to note the date, time and record sound. And maybe to some times ask its owner if he/she wants to make a diary recording, around times during the day that you usually don’t have anything to do (using AI it could learn at what times). That would make it a little more safe concerning privacy (not much, but at least a little).

Here is an example scenario:

To start your recording session you say:

“Emo, start/open diary.”

Immediately Emo notes the date and starts a recording of the day. When it’s ready it’s says something like “Ready” (or something else, in case DDL wants to copyright the word “ready”).

When done telling Emo about your day you give him a pet on it’s head (or some other gesture) and Emo will stop recording.

Whenever you decide to open your diary more times a day the recording will just become part of the same day (and in case you have to ask: starting a recording at 23:59 and finishing five minutes later on the next day will still count as the previous day).

To get memories from a certain day you say something like: “Emo, play diary september 20nd 2022.” Afterwards Emo replays the diary of that day.

Or whenever you are bored you could say “Emo, play me a diary.”
After hearing that it selects a random diary of any date, chosen by itself. And plays it. So you can be reminded from random moments/days you saved in the past.
Over time you make your own library of your history. A next-gen diary.



Emo isn’t just a gadget, but a personal buddy. And as a personal buddy I would love to see how it could get it own gadgets.

Not just mere bananas or so, but things that Emo can really interact with it in a special way. And maybe make it so once an Emo has seen the toy it can show on it’s display that it wants to play with it.

Some ideas:

  • A ball (bumps against it and just rolls it around while making happy noises, and when it suddenly disappears (falls of your table😆) it makes a sad sound)
  • it’s own working station (just as an astetic piece but when Emo ‘works’ at it it makes some funny noises. And perhaps in future updates it can gain more interactions with it.)
  • A dance mat (with RGB lights)

Probably all a little too intricate to just throw into the full Emo package, but maybe make a separate store for it?

Also, I don’t know how strong Emo’s kicking is, but I’d love to see some kind of ‘smart dice’, instead of Emo showing off some dice on it’s screen. Because it would make playing games with dice more realistic. On-screen dice always seem like they try to screw you over and it just doesn’t feel as real.
It doesn’t need to be a strong kick, but strong enough to make a small cube roll over. Then after it moved the cube can show a number (with the capability of showing every number on any side). And the dice will keep showing numbers on all sides when its a human’s turn.

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I think being able to add our own dance routines through the app and save them would be really fun because we could sync them up with whatever music we want.

Maybe we have the ability to create a new dance routine, and I save it as “Dance Routine 01” (or the name of the song I’m trying to sync with, or whatever name I think fits) then click edit, I’m able to choose between a list of already existing dance moves and how long each will last for. Say I choose dance move 01 for 2.3 seconds, then click add new dance move, then dance move 05 for 1.0 seconds, then I decide dance move 01 again for 2.5 seconds… then I realize that the timing of one of them is off and I’m able to go up and edit the timing or remove that dance step altogether if it doesn’t match up, or add a new one in it’s place. Eventually I manage to sync up the timing with whatever song I want, and end up with a long routine that lasts as long as the song. Then whenever I click “play” instead of “edit” on Dance Routine 01 he performs the dance I saved. Of course, it would be easier if he could play our own chosen music on whatever device we’re using at the same time and we didn’t have to sync it to whatever outside music was playing.
It’s also occurred to me that certain dance moves can’t stop in the middle of the routine so the timing might have to sync to whatever moves can be done in that time or have a transition.
Being able to choose his facial expressions while the dance move is happening would be great so it’s not a static face, maybe even his existing sound effects like yelling and cheering for a little flavor.

EMO seems to have enough existing dance moves already that I think something like this could be pretty fun :smiley: I’d like to choreograph a few dances! And since the actual commands are pretty simple it would be easy to share our dance routines with other EMO owners.

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Make the app even more futuristic

Emo looks great, nothing wrong with it. And I think the app doesn’t look bad, but it would be nice to have a more adult-friendly setting. Currently it is very dark and the buttons look a little too… “futuristic”. Not everything has to look like it comes straight out of 2243. When you’d show it to an elderly person they’ll be like: “what am I looking at?”.

I would love to see Emo not as a ‘pet’, but more like a buddy who can always hang around. And the app just makes it seem like he is supposed to be “from the future”, whilst the future is now. And in this “future” many things are customizable. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

So that’s my idea: make not necessarily Emo, but the app customizable. F.e: a custom background, other font styles, bigger/smaller buttons etc. Maybe then add some templates in certain styles, like a different futuristic style, 1800’s style, steampunk. Maybe you could look at styles like how you look at music: metal, classic, rock (after all, Emo loves music).
Perhaps people can upload their style and others can use it by downloading it. Making it customizable would really make the app more “futuristic”:sunglasses:.

This shouldn’t be as hard as programming a robot with a personality. You don’t even need to touch Emo to update just the app. So I could see how this should be able to be done within a few smaller updates.

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OMG, this could never be used as a medical device. I would not trust my live to a piece of equipment that doesn’t even get the speech recognition close to correct. How is Emo going to recognise what you are eating or drinking when it can’t even recognise/remember someone’s face? I think you are entering into the realm of wishful thinking for this chatbot robot.

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Don’t you think getting the bloody thing to work properly should be their first priority? What is the use of having a fancy app for a robot that doesn’t work? “Oh Emo still doesn’t answer to his name, but at least we have a pretty app!” :man_facepalming: I’m sorry, I would rather LAI fix all the problems with the product before they add anymore “bells and whistles” of any large undertaking.


Do you actually have anything good to say about Emo? I love my Emo’s even with the problems they have, and I have faith in the company to make him even better in time.