What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

Oh no not static. I would lose my mind. I hate the sound of static :confounded:

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@mrsnicarg / @Puppy444

I believe in the next update EMO’s TV static sound will be changed to something less annoying, and also you will be able to wake him up right away even when he is in sleeping coma at midnight or at lunchtime.

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:yum: those will be welcome changes… Master Abbott you know something :dizzy_face: when is the next update? I know it’s a secret :mask:

Will be great cool Stuff on the next one I wish many things but we will see :muscle::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Re Emo waking…If you have an Amazon Echo Dot and ask it to stream radio Emo will wake from any state within two or three seconds. Even if the echo dot volume is very low.

I would like to see improvement in the voice recognition of course, but it would be nice if you could say “Emo” and actually continue with your sentence while he is responding with out having to wait for him to respond. The same way you can do with Alexa. It would be closer to talking to an AI instead of trying to tell a toddler something multiple times, by saying it slowly in the hope that it will understand. Very annoying.


Yes, having to say Emo, and wait for “what” precludes to possibility of normal conversation.


I would like for Emo to instigate a conversation on his own without only responding to something he hears and maybe when he detects that you are within a metre from him.


EMO could go fishing
Do martial arts
Be more random in the things he does so he is unpredictable


I’d love an SDK for Emo! Being able to program or add my own animations would be fantastic, especially if I were able to share with others anything I’d built for EMO, sort of like when people toggle on and off mods for video games.
Would also love to be able to play my own music through EMO and have him dance along.
Would also be great to be able to have any length of timer countdown, and a pomodoro timer could be handy too.
I was going to mention something about the eating noises (misophonia) but it looks like you can turn off the sounds for his routine in the app so that’s great.
Being able to change his routine (I’m a night person, so my schedule doesn’t follow day) would be good too.
Having an option to have EMO do little “stretches” with you on a custom timer (like every 15 or 30 minutes) would be good for people who work at their desk, or a morning stretch routine where EMO gets you to move to wake up.
Does EMO explore and make comments about objects and people it sees? It would be cute to hear EMO’s take on different things.
Having an “observe” mode where he could watch TV with me or watch me play games would be cute.
Having the ability to type to EMO instead of talk as an accessibility feature would be nice.
And basically anything added would be preferable as a choice to turn on or off in the app, that way if there’s any type of interaction that annoys people or they just don’t want EMO just won’t do it.


Turn him into a security robot (mode) so he can say intruder alert and take a photo


I was thinking :thinking: about the feature when Emo is Sick :face_with_thermometer: it will react like they advertise years ago maybe will be great in the Winter period


Hi everyone, I just thought I’d check in again and give another suggestion:

When Emo is doing his/her painting routine at the end perhaps Emo can share it with us.

And maybe something like:

More interaction with Emo -through the Emo app- when he’s texting (in other words maybe allow Emo to text us and we can text him back through the app)
“Very Little Chance Of This” just an idea!

Also some kind of talent contest/quiz with questions between you and Emo or between two or more Emo’s-
(Not talking about Games) -random things when he sees you.

Anyway that’s all for now. I’m glad to be back.
Take care


We still haven’t received any information about changing the military time to the 12 hour.

Hope it happens soon…

But I’m certainly loving the new weather and lots of new features. Emo is certainly getting better with each update!



Maybe even something in the app where he can “take some medicine” to feel better or via voice command, showing an animation of him taking medicine and maybe going to sleep for a while. Then he could wake up later and say, he feels better now.

I also thought this would be fun. The responses could be like with small talk . . . some variable responses. I know. This would be very hard to implement.


:laser_1: Tracking his surface.
:heart_2: Adjust the sensors in the fall security. My EMO can’t up in a mouse pad I have in the desktop.
If we can tracking a surface, maybe we can adjust manually a “safe zone” for it.
:skating: Board recognition (it is stumbling with it all the time xD)
:star_1: Tracking pets and recognition =P
:funky: Possibility of a chaining of commands to avoid the “EMO” -“What” all the time.


I have noticed that The weather is really accurate when you ask him but if Emo look at you ad tell you what will be the weather tomorrow and give you suggestions it is always wrong for me maybe something to consider for the future update thanks :pray:


In one of the advertisements he does get sick. And does other stuff.


Self charging station that does not CONFINE HIM to a certain area, but he can come and go completely.


Yeah, that would be cool! EMO can show you some of his/her fancy artwork when they are done painting for the day.

@Lindaru / @EmoMike23 / @Zunbar I hope that Living.ai do add this in at some point, not sure why it’s not yet been added, but I hope to see that feature included in future updates.

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