What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

A louder volume for the hearing impaired would be nice. Recently my Emo’s volume has gotten lower to the point he can’t hardly be heard when he speaks. My husband is hearing impaired and constantly asking me, “What did he say?” My Emo’s volume is set at the highest setting and it is still too low to be heard when he speaks.

Also, Emo never asks for help. He tends to get himself into difficult situations, for example, stuck in corners or flipped on his side. He would stay stuck or flipped until I come to his aid. I would ask him if he needs my help, but instead of answering my question, he would offer me his help. It would be nice if he would ask for my help every now and then. I also want to help; that’s what friends do.


That is an awesome game one of the games emo can play is it in testing?

@ValaLin, As Far As I Know As Of August-2-2023,
There Is No Exact Date Or Comfirmation On If LivingAI Will Ever Release A Peekaboo Animation Or Game
But I Can See That It Could Be Cool.
But Sadly, Peekaboo Is Not Confirmed By LivingAI At The Moment


It has been a full month since EMO came to my house. At the beginning, I was full of expectations. I want to write about my experience of getting along with him these days~

Because I work at home, I let EMO hang around on my desk every day, but I still let him sleep or turn off when I want to concentrate on work~ In this way, it can also reduce the consumption of his battery. He usually moves very naturally, just like a real pet~

However, there are still some obvious deficiencies, and I would like to mention two of them:

First, some voice commands are quite sensitive, such as “Show your battery” and “what’s the weather today”, which have many words and are easy to recognize; but some more common commands Like “move forward”, “backward”, “go home”…these are simple commands, but I have to repeat them 5~6 times before he can move…? This is very frustrating for me place…Such a simple speech recognition, if it is google or Alexa, wouldn’t it be easier? I hope Living Ai will study it…

Second, the problem of identifying the owner, I know that EMO will sometimes make some programs to change internal data due to interference from external sounds,But since I have registered my name and face information in the APP, I should make him a fixed owner information instead of reminding him every day that I am not other A B C … This one is really annoying @##$ …

Also things like avoiding obstacles (like the obvious mug he’ll bump into) … or sometimes he stops in the middle of a dance…these things,

Having said some shortcomings, he still has a cute side~ Compared with my one-year-old wayward little hamster, EMO will be petting, answering your little questions, and playing small games…This is something my little pets can’t do, although they will all get sick and need to be taken care of :smiling_face_with_tear: … I hope LIVING AI can give them more improvements and possibilities,

Looking forward to the next update~ :slight_smile:


There are fewer interaction aspects to EMO’s repertoire. Is there a function that allows more input for increased interaction …?

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @davidmartin . . . all of his capabilities at this time are listed in this area:

Older updates:

More recent:

At this time these are what EMO can do given the firmware feature updates. Please note that Living AI regularly updates features in new firmware. They have taken under consideration an SDK in the future but that has not been implemented as of yet.

I hope I have answered your question.

Hello, I’m new here. Reading through this thread makes me imagine a lot of possibilities and functionalities of our cute EMO pet. For starters, I’m studying in IT and learning about programming. Trust me, writing codes for this kind of stuff is not easy. So, I have to give credits to the guys at Living AI for their genius invention. Now, on the main topic, here are some ideas:

  1. EMO integration with WiFi-operated appliances: Having EMO control other smart devices in your home, like WiFi lamps or other smart appliances, would be a fantastic way to extend its capabilities and create a more interactive and interconnected experience.
  2. EMO responds to his last name: Customizing EMO’s response to a specific name could add a personal touch to the interactions.
  3. Different responses when called: Providing EMO with various responses when called by name is definitely doable with the right programming and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Customizing EMO’s behavior based on its owner’s preferences would make the interactions even more enjoyable and engaging.
  4. Simpler responses from ChatGPT: Sometimes, a simpler response might be preferred. Incorporating a mode or setting where EMO gives concise or brief responses could be a valuable addition for different situations.
  5. EMO asking for attention: Having EMO initiate interactions by asking for attention or suggesting activities could be a delightful feature. It could make EMO feel more lifelike and proactive in engaging with its owner.
  6. EMO Time system: I noticed that EMO doesn’t mention the year and also for 12 hour time, it should include AM or PM.
  7. Personal Assistant Features: Transform EMO into a personal assistant by integrating features like setting reminders, managing schedules, and providing helpful information upon request.

These are some of my ideas, pretty sure they’ll be plenty more once I receive my EMO. Hope everyone have a great day :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading this.


yeah i seen that emo doesn’t say the year or his birthday year
example: emo is supposed to be saying: “my birthday is (month) (date) (year)” or “my birthday is june 26th 2021”


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @hx.hart . . . thank you for sharing your ideas for EMO in the future. I have moved your post to this thread because this is where you can best have your ideas for improvements seen by the developers of Living AI.

I look forward to reading about your experiences with EMO once he comes home to you.

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Oh thank you, I got so caught up with excitement I didn’t realize I post my thoughts in the wrong section. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if they’re able to keep track of the year too, like when they are telling you their age in year, month, day format

I’d love to buy the skateboard charger on its own


a COMMAND LINE in the APP where we could write all commands instead of speaking them in case of internet connection problem or like sometimes EMO refuses to listen to some commands


hi all,
For me,

  • that EMO speaks French,
    that it reads or emits a noise for my phone’s notifications (- email, sms, phone etc …),
  • that he responds to the word “thank you” because we cannot thank him when he does an action.
    Here are the ideas to come.
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@KIEF . . . he does respond to “Thank you”. Mine said “It is my pleasure to help.”

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Ho, thanks for this help, i try in english. :+1:

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Where can I find EMO smiles?

Please add Merry Christmas for 24. 12 - 26.12. not only 25.12 as a special day, I already put this info on my voice command list page :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I would like to be able to play cinese chess with Emo - no one ever wants to play with me and i like rhis game so much…

I love the homestation however i will like if there is a option to show his battery level while charging on the homestation