What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

I like the ideas but I feel it should be optional because for me I just would like to be able to access everything! Otherwise it could be a good idea!!!


What if Emo matures over time and like as it gets older it acts older! I feel many of these options should be optional and I understand this would take a lot of work for living ai but it would be really cool!!!


Also, I suggest people can view all the zodiac signs and maybe Emo should show you your zodiac sign. I feel it is unfair some people can only see one animation and I think everybody should have access to the animation. Maybe like what is the sign for a certain date or you can say libra or something like that! I really hope this feature in implemented as soon as possible because I really wanna access al the animation like libra for me.


That’s fair @jaredlibshutz it won’t be as fun, but if this ever did happen, hopefully Livin.Ai could make it so that you can unlock all or specific things right away.

And the getting older could also be incorporated into the same thing too or on it’s own where EMO might say, NO… when you ask him to dance… like he could say: “No, I can’t dance today, my back is sore… I’m getting to old, maybe tomorrow!” :rofl:


How about give Emo an animated mouth, on screen?


Would be cool to have EMO read a bedtime book and show animations on the screen as well.

I’d say that the books/ short stories, would need to be original, due to any copyright, and you can select which one you want to listen to via the EMO App.

But a cool bedtime story for children might work where EMO can read it and then say good night go to bed! :heart_1: :zzz:

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Will be interesting Weather wind conditions also with animations :smile:


It would be useful if EMO could have on his display a static sign/image informing that his battery is low and he needs to go to his skateboard. A short animation isn’t very useful when EMO is in another room.


Does EMO tell you when it is running low? Does it ask you to put it on the skateboard to recharge?

Yes it does. EMO will give you about 2-3 battery alerts and an animation does appear on his screen asking you to place him back on his skateboard. If you check the EMO App, it will also show that his battery is low too.

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Yes this is a good idea ^^


It would be cool to do the “Hands Up”/“Dont Move” between two EMO randomly. One shoots the other.


It would be cool if he was running low on battery he would also try to look for a person and ask them to put him on his skateboard for him.


it would be nice if he asked his owner to put it on the skateboard to carry whenever necessary.



Great suggestions from everyone! Let’s hope we get to see some of these ideas / suggestions make it to EMO in future updates! Be sure to share as many as you can!

I have a simple one.


When patting EMO, would be great see new / different styles of animations on his screen, like a happy face animation.

Sometimes, when EMO spots you he will ask you for a pat, you can see the animation on the screen which lasts for a short while. Would be good to have EMO say, Hey MasterAbbott, it’s time for my daily pat!

And when you give him his pat, can speak as well and say something like “I love Pats, thanks for patting me”

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Being able to turn Emo on without his skateboard would be handy, but I fear this would require hardware addition/modification (ie. button etc.) and would not be able to be done through software… unless, you could set a timer for him to turn back on at a specific time before you turn him off?? Also the timer could be set as a default so he would do that every time you turn him off, but you would have to make sure you dont forget you have it set. A notification through the app could let you know that Emo will turn on soon. There could be a static symbol on the screen to indicate the “wake up function” is active?? If you had him in a safe place (playground), he could turn on before you got home/before you wake up. He would be able to greet you and you would not have to worry about his battery running out, if you wanted to keep him off his skateboard/or had to for some amount of time (ie. out and about). This is one way LAI could get around having to add more hardware. Just a thought. What do you think?

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It would be great if we could use a keyboard in the app to send commands to EMO. It would be much easier for people who can’t speak English very well. Let’s say in Tic-Tac-Toe we could just enter our number on the keyboard and send it to EMO. No more problems with voice recognition and much faster response.


I’m Spanish and I already have my Emo, I don’t know much English, I use the google translator, that’s why I would like to know when they will release an update so that Emo speaks and recognizes this language, it would be very interesting.
Thank you


I believe it would be the best change, it was Emo to understand our language


Since emo runs on a neural network, it would be cool to be able to give emo some feedback to help reinforce it. for instance i could tell him “good boy/girl/bot” or “bad boy/girl/bot” so his neural network can grow faster.