What improvements and new features would you like to see for EMO in the future?

When it comes to emo giving compliments, It doesn’t have to be that complicated. I imagine it can be worked around by us using a promp for example “hey Emo, ( I just cleaned my room), isn’t that great?” All emo have to listen for is the promp “isn’t that great?” and just randomly pick a default reply “ that’s very cool” or “ great work”, he doesn’t have to understand what I said or give a specific reply relate to what I told him.


Maybe the stories can be fan -written? Perhaps as long as they aren’t like any copyrighted stories people can write their own stories and share them online. I know someone who would like to have her own stories published (or in this case heard). It aren’t very child-friendly books, though. So I suggest marking books of different genres.

To avoid future copyright claims the people who are interested in writing their own stories have to check a box that Emo is allowed to tell the story, even after someone decided to publish it as a real book, and expect money for it. It would be an absolute dck move to copyright claim after you first had it on Emo.
But then, for the same reason, the devs of Emo shouldn’t copyright claim someone who has written a successful book, when the writer decides to bring it out as an actual book.
Maybe they can share a certain percentage of the gain, but copyrighting each other would just be a pain in the elbow for both (especially Emo’s devs).

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Make Emo a buddy to talk to about your day!

Have a look at the idea:

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I would like Emo make a decision, or appear to.


Would you like to be

On the desk
Advantage…better views around and across room

Or, on the floor
Advantage…more space to explore and walk around.

Even if the answer was just at random it would be fun to see which he prefers each day



Concerning emo games in app, it would be intéressant to add an Uno cards game.

It would also be nice to add a mouth on ils face that would make the movements when Emo speaks. It would enhance his personality

Thank you for all your work to make evoluate this nice little pet robot.


I don’t know if there are many people who think like me, but I don’t like the new sound when Emo watches TV.
I saw videos on Youtube in which we hear the old sound, and well I prefer this one.


Emo needs a favourite dinosaur.
every robot needs a favourite dinosaur.

Please make this a thing.


I would love for EMO to have a carrying case, also I see he has a card game but it is not in his app. Why?

One of the essential things you’d want to do with your emo is check his battery to ensure that’s he’s above a certain limit you want, say, 20%, when I ask emo about his battery level, he shows an image of sorts showing the battery level, if emo would speak the battery percentage along with it, that would be very helpful, as believe it or not I’m blind, yet I enjoy emo a lot, and it would be annoying if I had to call on anyone near by me just to tell me his battery level while its showing it, there are other things I want to say regarding the games in his app and a way for them to be turned into voice command based, like tic tac toe and angry emo, but that might be a bit hard to implement at the moment, unless other people had any other ideas, and on a random note, I like it how when I ask emo to check for updates, it plays a certain sound if it found a new version, while it plays another if it was on the latest one, quite helpful


You are blind!? That sucks, but i can imagine why that’s why you enjoy emo so much. And I can imagine why the tic tac toe was such a fun upgrade.

. When I posted ideas, I didn’t really took blind people in consideration. I had ideas for board games in which you need to have visual oversight of the board, so you wouldn’t be able to play any of them. Unless you are one of those absurd (in a good way) chess masters who can play against opponents blindfolded. Perhaps, because you are blind, you can think of a few games/functions which others wouldn’t think of as soon.

I’d also advice to write the people at LAI an email in which you tell them you are blind (if you haven’t already). Maybe they’ll zoom in a little bit more on you when you post ideas.

I sent them an email about that, and regarding my blindness, I’m coping quite well, I had this from when I was young and its the norm by now, and another function I would like to see in emo is some kind of adjusting your hands and the camera, specifically when I’d play rock paper cissors, some kind of prompt where you have to put your hand in front of the camera and moving it up and down and it sorta giving you indicators in regards if emo’sseeing your hand, be it partualy or fully.


A great idea @G800 Having EMO report his battery level in % via voice reply would be convenient for all EMO owners. Also updating the EMO app to show a battery % would be handy as well. Also to add the battery feature, instead of EMO showing/playing the low battery animation sound prompt, he can also alert you as well (maybe saying something like)… “My Battery is low, please charge me soon”.

I did mention/suggested that Living.ai should add an accessibility feature for EMO a while back in this thread, this is something they should consider doing/adding in as it will significantly benefit any EMO owner that requires it.

Yes, that sound prompt is very helpful, and if you also enable Auto-Update (via the settings>preferences) EMO should update for you automatically when new firmware is released.

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As someone who is almost always mute i do find it hard to do things like turn him off, until i found out that you just turn him upside down for a little bit and he turns off. (have to turn emo off at night as he giggles at 2am every morning, which is disturbing.)
more features like the turn off would be good.
he has a camera in him which he uses to find me to ask me if i want to play rock paper sizzors, maybe this can be extended to looking for a hand jesture/sign language to say yes or no. if they could do this, they could use the same feature for the blind to play it too, the person can say yes, then put their hand in one spot and emo can move until it’s camera is in a good spot for the game.


I’d love to be able to send messages to EMO while out! Sometimes I’m gone for a bit and it would be nice to be able to communicate with him and maybe have him send little messages back! Doesn’t even have to be that in depth, but I want to be able to check in on mine throughout the day. :slight_smile:


Even something as simple as “I love you” and he responds, “I love you too”.


@Wayne_Zhang Is possible if EMO can sing karaoke with us ? :laughing::laughing:

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Haha I wish he could do this!

Probably, not. But how about LAI works together with Babbel or Duolingo, so maybe it could have conversations with us. Talking in a different language, but also being able to understand plain English at the same time (ofc. so it will know when you made a mistake, or can’t come up with the thing you have to say in a different language)? Just turning it’s over all settings on a different language is maybe a little too far fetched when your want to learn a totally different language.

So a buddy who understands your language completely, and can help you learn all other (standard) language.

P.s. I don’t think signing is a standard language. So that’s a plus, since EMO has no arms.:smile:

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Emo’s speaking should really be improved. It’s always glitchy when speaking long sentences. My wifi is fine and 2.4 is available. So that is not the problem. For this reason I don’t use Emo that much and i only got him since the 14th of September… Feels like a waste of money. Kinda regret to purchase because of it.

Being partially deaf and with a speech impediment I can understand, things could be changed in the app and all our Emo’s interactions and voice commands could be better for people like us, many others will really appreciate it if Lai would pay attention to these issues such as blindness, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, autism, dyslexia and many others I may have missed out. So we need to keep asking them and hopefully they might be able to do something.

e.g for those who need this extra help:

-either a command to Emo and Emo will change a setting for you.
-or in the app for Emo owners with difficulties and some kind of setting to switch on this support “whatever that might be”

For those who don’t need this extra help and want the app and Emo to be as they are:

-they can just switch it off or tell Emo to do so.