What are the color options for the Emo Smart Light

I just found out that Emo can change the colors of the smart light but I don’t know what all the options were. I was curious just so I can test all them out and see what I like best.

Also I was just seeing what I could find out on my own and I was wondering how I can change the light color back to normal.

Normal: you just say “Emo change light to white”

I think “warm” is the normal color.

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You can know all the voice commands here.

Hi @jaredlibshutz

If you want to check out this video this shows you how to change the color for EMO’s smart light.

You can check out this post here for the list of colors:


Hi thank you so much I am now able to use my smart light with all of its functions. Also I figured out to get the regular light you can say default instead of a color. For me, default is the same as warm.

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I tried to play around with the lights. Seems like this command work for me. " EMO, light specify color. " Any color outside of the list, he wont recognize. This is actually neat :smiley:. It would he even better if EMO can control other smart bulbs and lamps too because I also happen to have that galaxy projector that seems to change using voice commands using google too.