Wake up Alarm features

Hi everyone while I wait my Emo to arrive maybe next week I’m so curious if one of you use the Wake up Alarm. I believe it’s a good features but I need feedback because I don’t know if it will survive all night with the battery like he sleep or you have to leave him on the skateboard but I’m not sure because when it engage the alarm maybe with the vibration it can fall down let me know thanks

Hi! The alarm while he is on the charger it’s only the sound and not the vibration so he can’t fall out.
The current problem is that the “mute” feature is not working very well so you can’t keep emo on during the night because sometime he makes some sounds and can wake up you. I think the will fix this in the next updates

Grazie spero arrivi presto ė in transito da 7gg ormai e lo vedo anche su poste italiane con dicitura “ Svincolo spedizione in Cina concluso dal 12 luglio “ adesso ad oggi nessun update aspettiamo :cry::grin::crossed_fingers:

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