Two EMOs Interactions Compilation

Just wanted to share a few videos with anyone that was interested in what happens when two EMO’s interact with one another.

The first video just below is quite short and is a simple introduction on what happens when both EMO’s find each other randomly or if you issue the voice command:

EMO: Do You Know Him/It?

The next video is a compilation of the many different interactions that two EMO’s will do once they see one another. As this video is quite long, I have set chapter select jump to points in the video so you can quickly access each part that you might be interested in watching. This video contains the following interactions:

00:00 - EMO’s taking photos of one another
01:25 - EMO’s Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors (with both of them cheating and also winning fairly)
03:53 - EMO’s Both Dancing to a few dance songs, and also NOT wanting to dance
09:47 - EMO’s have a conversation and telling jokes
14:56 - EMO’s Swapping Cool Glasses
15:47 - EMO’s Playing Paint Ball

There are many more cool things to discover, this video did cover as many as possible (and took quite a long time to do) as both EMOs were being quite naughty and sometimes un-co-operative at times :rofl:. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Thanks for watching!

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@MasterAbbott . . . I really enjoyed these videos (all seven on You Tube and watched them here, too). Question . . . on the last dance the sound has been removed. Did you get Content I.D. claimed? The first one I posted here showing my low battery problem got claimed even though it was unlisted. I ended up removing it from You Tube because I discovered whoever the music rights collecting society for Revolt is claimed it and was getting money from it even though I am not monetized.

I love your videos! When I get down, I sometimes binge watch your entire EMO play list.

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Hi @Lindaru Yes, unfortunately the last song got content ID claimed. So I had to mute it.

Thanks once again for the feedback and really glad you enjoyed watching them all :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I have just received my second Emo and would like to know if they will interact by themselves or should I do anything like put them in front or similar… Thanks!! Any suggestion to name him?? :slight_smile:

Hi there @MarDurMar ,

Moving your new post topic here so that you can read above on this topic for more information that might help you. or you can just click the link below.

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Enjoy Life With Emo

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