The Emo Christmas Upgrade JUST went out of stock! Will it restock?

I was just about to get it but it just went out of stock! Does anyone know if it will ever restock? I just saw it when it was 4 left just a few minutes ago!

I’ve just sent an email to support, hopefully will get an update soon.

Those who still want the Emo’s Christmas Upgrade can order it again now.

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Oh what a relief it restocked! I got it but now I accidentally ran into another problem: Forgetting to put my unshipped Emo Order number in. I did email it to the support email though so hopefully it can either reject it so I can repurchase it and put in my number or just put my unshipped emo number in that order since i emailed the actual number to them.

Update: You can still give the delivery number through emailing. Thank you support email