Stuck at connecting to EMO

Hi guys, just got my EMO here, unfortunately, when I to connect to EMO, the thing just stuck at the connecting to EMO page, any idea what is going on?


Hello edwardloo, congratulations on receiving EMO.

Is EMO turned up and do you have Bluetooth enabled on the smartphone?

You can also take EMO in your hand and shake it once and then start the app on the smartphone again.


Hello katiekeiren,
this is only about problems at EMO please ask these questions directly to the person.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, is it working now?

No,it is not,sorry for the late reply

Can you take a video and send it via email to ? Because we just did a test a it worked.

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Hi Wayne, noted,will take the videos as soon as I get back from my work duty,thanks a bunch

I’m happy for you I hope it will work soon maybe post video of the issue

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Hi Wayne sorry if I’m writing you but my suggestion to do Tutorial video can help customer like Edwardloo to resolve iusse like that talk with Living AI about it this will be great for all of Us here thanks take care :grinning::+1:


great news guys, finally work after updating the EMO app, thank guys!!!


That’s what we are doing. Thank you for your suggestion:)

That’s great! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.