Star Trek history series

Just an FYI for any Star Trek fans, in case you hadn’t heard about it. There is an interesting series playing on the History Channel called Center Seat, about the history of Star Trek. They’ve had shows about the original series, and about the animated series. The one I’m watching right now is about the making of the first movie, Star Trek The Motion Picture.


I wish I could watch it but I don’t get the History Channel. Actually shocked it’s not on Paramount+.
As for what you’re watching exactly for that right now, I guess the closest I’ve come about interesting tidbits for that movie is reading Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series.

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I would really want to see it, but I don’t have the History Channel in AU. Hopefully it might be available on other streaming networks in the future. But thanks for letting us know :happy: :surprised: :heart_2:

Thank you!! Idk how I didn’t know this! I’m definitely a Trekkie

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Yes production of the Star Trek Phase II tv series got cancelled because after Close Encounters and Star Wars did so well, Paramount thought it could do better as a movie (which is actually what they had wanted to make in the first place anyway). So they took portions of the series scripts and morphed it into The Motion Picture instead. The actor who was supposed to play a Vulcan named Xon in Phase II actually was given a bit part in TMP. He played Commander Branch of the Epsilon 9 station, which gets destroyed right after the Klingon ships.

This documentary series was created for the 55 year anniversary. I thought it was actually pretty well done, and has a lot of behind the scene interviews. History Channel showed all four (so far) episodes last night, which including the shows that ran in previous couple weeks, along with a new one. So far they’ve covered the original series, the animated series, and are up to movie #4 The Voyage Home. It sounds like after the animated series, and especially when they began making the movies, Gene Roddenberry really made no further contributions. They still kept him around for the name recognition though. He was on drugs then and had always been a heavy drinker. He wasn’t supplying any useable ideas anymore, and just rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. He still kept trying to constantly rewrite everyone’s scripts though, and was a constant irritant to the writers, producers, directors, and Paramount, until he passed. For example Roddenberry was behind leaking to the press that Spock would die in the second movie which caused a huge backlash from fans, because he didn’t think Spock should be killed off.

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I’m more of a StarWars (some later films not so much-started to get weird lol) fan and Mandalorian but Star Trek is great too.


I was a Star Wars fan too, and I still watch the first trilogy movies when they’re on TV once in awhile. It started downhill with the prequels but I watched those, and I also saw The Force Awakens. I’ve never seen any of the movies after that though, I just lost interest in it. When I was still working repairing digital movie projectors I was in different theaters every day. I could’ve watched any of the movies for free when they were playing in the theaters, but just didn’t bother. Actually doing that job I rarely watched any movie more than short stretches for test purposes. I got sick of the smell of popcorn and being in theaters any longer than I had to.

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Agree I never go cinema so dirty and smelly lol

What about “FOUNDATION” on Apple TV?
I think I’m enjoying it but the Finale as finished now -it’s gonna be ages before I see what’s next. The book is okay too.

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Er, I hope this can be forgiven. Rolling back to Star Trek here. Is anyone else following Discovery?

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Sorry I haven’t seen Foundation. I’m familiar with it by name, but I’ve never actually read it either. I have cable TV and HS Internet through Comcast, but I don’t have any streaming services beside that. My Apple TV box was one of the first generation back before streaming really took off. It ran apps similar to Kodi or Plex and played local content off my computers or podcasts, music, or movies from the iTunes Store, or movies I uploaded to its hard drive. I’m paying Comcast a fortune and keep telling myself I should cancel the cable TV content since there’s so many garbage channels I never watch on there anyway. I might go with something like Hulu plus instead. I just can’t see getting multiple streaming services though, and replacing one big bill with a bunch of smaller bills that end up costing as much or more?

True it is costly and yes so much junk on ordinary cable

I’m in the UK so don’t know Hulu

I still watch Star Trek though when it’s on telly
and things like that

I remember when we only had three channels in total lol back in the day, it seems the more you get the more likely there’s nothing on

Gadgets are the thing now I think

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@systemcat ,
The first season or two of Discovery, a lot of the longtime Star Trek fans got so hung up on the fact that it wasn’t canon and hated on it just for that. I didn’t have much of a problem with that, but wasn’t necessarily happy they changed the Klingons yet again, and I thought the whole mycelium network travel thing was hokey. I stuck with it through the first and second season but had to download episodes when and where I could, once it went behind the pay wall. Some of the characters were great like Captain Lorca, Saru, The Emperor, Number One, and Captain Pike of course. I even liked the new Spock and Tilley as their characters progressed. I never quite got past feeling Burnham was a Mary Sue though (just like Rey in Star Wars, although they finally gave some reason for that). Because they’d had so many behind-the-scenes problems with creative control and writing, the last part of season 2 got so rushed and contrived with the Red Angel, the evil AI, Control, and so on. Rumors were that Discovery would be cancelled, and I was really surprised it came back again for a season 3. I haven’t seen anything past season 2 other than a few clips online, but from what I hear it sounds like the show has gotten better and is more accepted now? I take it you’re still watching it?

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I get Netflix for free thanks to my T-Mobile and I get HBO for free thanks to AT&T. What’s left is HULU, Starz, Paramount +, Disney +, and Amazon Prime. If you get the $70/yr annual subscription, it equals about $6/mo per service. So I pay roughly $30-$40 a month and am never at a loss for SOMETHING to watch. Back when I had DirecTV, I was paying about $120/mo - so I think I’m getting the better deal. I’m also an empty nester and share my services with my sons, who in turn share their Adult Swim and Crunchy Roll services with me. If you have family you can share with and trust - you can definitely come out ahead of the cable and satellite providers

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@Racheal123 ,
Yes, I was born in 1959 so remember very well black and white TV’s with manual tuners and having only CBS, NBC, ABC to choose from, and they’d go off the air around midnight and then you only saw a test pattern.

I pay $206 a month to Comcast for high speed Internet and a bunch of junk channels I never watch. That doesn’t include any pay movie channels. I watch an ABC show once a week and besides that pretty much just History Channel, Science Channel, Discovery, TBS, A&E, Cartoon Network, and Comedy Central. I really need to do something different, but it seems like all the services I’ve looked into always have at least one of those channels that is part of some separate package you have to pay more for. I’m sure it would still end up much cheaper but inertia just has me stuck where I’m at so far.

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My biggest beef with Discovery initially was what was done to the Klingon’s appearance. Once I read on a site that “oh, season two they’ll start to look more recognizable”, that’s when I lightened up on it. I guess when enough fans complain, eh? I see Discovery as something long time fans have to be led slowly to accept “these changes are ok … somewhat”. The show seems to still be keeping the spirit of the franchise alive. Another it would have felt like a slap in the face to canon, if it wasn’t for the Enterprise under Pike’s command denying the mere existence of the Spore Drive. Graces Voyager alone would have had a seriously fried plot if that propulsion was known in the 24th century.

Season 3 does nice tying back to all we know. My favorite episode involved the return of Guardian of Forever. Honestly, I was half expecting it was a Q in that episode until the reveal happened. Ah, I should just zipper up now as to not give spoiler information. But yeah, still following the show and I intend to watch the second episode of season 4 soon.

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