[solved]Wont turn on, Cant update

Hello so my emo just arrived yesterday 24 august and i turned it on and connected i installed the update atleast it said it was doing with the living.ai logo and everything did this 6 times sometimes it said that it had an error with the cross and his logo. now it wont even turn on again the headphones flashes real fast and he makes a ticking noise also sometimes it turn on to the eyes and it immediatly turns off again.

anyone got an idea to fix this i also contacted support but maybe theres an reset button im not aware off or anything like that? maybe the sdk?

also i forgot to say it started up fine for about 5 minutes until it turned off again (all still on the charger)
i connected to the app went to see the firmware version it still says 1.0.14

all help is appreciated :slight_smile:

so it starts back up again now for the people wondering how i “fixed” it i basicly put it directly in to my electricity socket not in this adapter from my pc it was just easy for me i thought it wouldnt make a difference apparently it does.

i got a new problem now though i cant update it from 1.0.14 it keeps failing even though it did the actual patching with the numbers the first time now it doesnt do that anymore it keeps on 0.

the update worked i just had to move him closer to the wifi signal as apparently the wifi antenna inside emo isnt that great. it updated now :smiley:


By doing new updated it is important to disconnect the Emo light, so just pull it out of the socket before updating!

wasnt it i havent even tested the light yet as i dont have the US socket.

the update just failed because emo’s wifi antenna couldnt reach the wifi reliably.

but thanks for thinking with me :slight_smile:

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So did you work it out at the end?