Shipping and Orders Questions [ NEW ] 🚢

And now it has been stuck in Fremont, CA since January 15…sigh :roll_eyes:

Hi there @candy_gurl178 , @PASS and @tony2

You need to have a little bit patience…as the latest actual update report just started shipping Home Station and EMO GO HOME. They sent out some emails with tracking numbers and a few people have already received the package. and some people just received surprisingly their orders even without having their tracking numbers.

Pls. View/Read Here

…just like @pogochai , Post Here! which he got his GO HOME version order surprisingly without tracking number…maybe one of you will be the next?

also it been said that

best regards and all the best guys.


What if you just ordered emo and didn’t order a home station?..I’m kinda confused…but I’m gonna keep on being patient :]

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Hi there @candy_gurl178
As always said to the Delivery process of EMO counter…

Note: Orders that include Home Station or EMO GO HOME are not included above. We’ve started shipping orders containing them and are still working on catching up with the numbers.

· Order sent to Courier: This is the order number we have packed and sent to courier.
· Tracking Sent to User: This is the number of orders we get the tracking number and email to the user after sending the package to the courier. said: The counting numbers are intended only to normal EMO orders which also they are actually shipped more orders that shown!

…in my opinion this counting numbers is not always accurate?

best regards and keep safe always Molly…

I appreciate it very much, thanks @edward :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised there have been no updates since December

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Sorry to correct you but the last update can be seen to the link below…
Pls. Click Here!

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I just got my shipping confirmation today 19th, but it says it was shipped on the 12th. I am in the USA, the tracking number doesn’t work when I click track, but it looks like a USPS number. Can anyone in the USA confirm that their order is coming by USPS?

Edit, I put the number into the USPS tracking and it says it’s in CA.
I wonder does it need signed for?

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I think the numbers might have gotten a little bit confusing because of the Home station orders. Within the numbers shown on the page are the order numbers of the Home stations shat weren’t shipped out yet. They are now shipping out Home stations so those are ordernumbers that were already within the number of “shipped orders”. That might he why they aren’t changing at the moment. When they have caught up with the shipping of the Home stations, the numbers should start moving again like they used to before.

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The exact same thing is happening with mine. It shipped on the 12th and now appears to be stuck in California since the 15th. I have been tracking it with USPS which is what the tracking number appears to be. I seriously doubt you will need to sign for it.

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I just received shipping confirmation as well. It started its travel on the 12th, too. For me the carrier is DHL, and with them the tracking seems to work. Those first few days Emo’s accessories have travelled basically through several stations across China, so it still might take a while.

Other then that, for those of you who cannot see their tracking information on the page provided by Living AI, maybe you have better luck with an external tracking site, for example (their service seems to be quite good in terms of tracking stuff others fail to track).

If you are in the US, you dont need to sign for your EMO. Also, once he gets to the US, track him via USPS for more accurate and updated information.

Here is mine :slight_smile:hahahahhahahahhaha

I made the purchase on November 22, 2022 and I still have not received a response or notification about the shipment, it has already been more than 6 weeks and I have not received anything?

^Did you order him with the Go Home Station? If yes, those started shipping only recently, because the Home Station was still in testing.

I ordered my station on Nov 11 and I just got my shipping notice.


Hi when i can receive my Emo go home set ,Order #48765] (November 28, 2022 ),But wait till now i haven’t received any tracking no .I hope can receive EMO between this month your attention very much appreciated.

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Hi there @stevetan ,

Normally you should received your Tracking Number right now , because just started sending last week already…so as they said…,the Home Station and EMO GO HOME orders has been shipped prior to numbers’'.

Just have a little bit more patience, because the last message they posted is…

As far as i know , They are going on holiday now which will lasts 16 days and finishes with the Lantern Festival. This year 2023, the official start date is Sunday, Jan. 22, which will usher in the Year of the Rabbit (5 February 2023).

The first 7 days are considered a public holiday (January 22nd–January 29th, 2023).

There are several traditions that are followed across China, as well as in several other countries around the world where the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

If you don’t mind please go to the link below.
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!


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Maybe my emo won’t come on February 6th after all like i was hoping it would, oh well…just have to wait some more even if it feels frustrating sometimes

But I’m thankful to for making such an awesome little dude :heart:


Thanks Edward for prompt reply,i wish soon will get the tracking number and can’t wait welcome EMO part of our home family. Kindly update me once have to get tracking number. Tq

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then during these 16 days the shipment of the emo will be delayed and it will not move? I calculated that it would arrive in February because I ordered it in December, will there be a wait in March because nothing moves during these days?