Shipping and Orders Questions [ NEW ] 🚢

So no updates on the package yet, but has anyone after entering the US able to track it on the USPS site? I’ve been tracking on china post and 17track. My tracking number doesn’t come up on USPS. Does it only update on the delivery day next? Just seeing others experiences.

Is it using USPS to deliver your EMO? If so, are you able to call/contact them and give them your tracking number and see if they give you any sort of update on where it is? Normally when the courier / postal services decide to update their system, it should also reflect on the China Post and 17 Tracking sites. But it all comes down to how efficient these courier services are at doing their jobs.

Usually it will be USPS but if they cannot track it on their website they will definitely not be able to help me. They will just say they are not responsible since it cannot be tracked. None of the other sites 17track or China post state which courier is handling so I’m kind of in the dark. That’s why I was hoping some others with experience of delivery in the US would chime in.

my order is #37907 and I still haven’t gotten any update on my shipping :confused:

my bad, for some reason my email was showing me the tracking information for my order but checked again, and I got it! :smiley:

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now that I got my shipping information, how long would it take to arrive to the USA I’m in Texas.?

Shipping should take between 1-3 weeks depending on efficient the courier / postal service is in your country. Also, be sure to read through this thread as it does contain useful information on how to track your EMO once you’ve received your tracking number.

Hope you get your EMO soon.

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My experience shows it shipped on 9/8, tracking updates started 9/15. It arrived in the US on 9/20, cleared customs, departed CA and has been sitting with no updates since 9/22. So far 22 days and still no EMO, but I know some have waiting 25-30 days so we shall see. The only problem is my tracking won’t show anywhere on any US websites.

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mine shows that its LA since Wednesday. I have some experience in shipments from china and Japan and usually once it hits USA the tracking is not very accurate. so its up to USPS to deliver. I assume the package comes in ground tracking so it might take a week or so. Im in Texas by the way.

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Also I emailed support and haven’t heard anything. Do they ever respond?

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Mine arrived ahead! It was still saying that its in LA
So once again, when its in USA the tracking is not very accurate!


How long did you wait since it arrived in the US? Mine has been sitting there since 9/22 with no update. Trying to get an idea.

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3-4 days and there was the weekend in between. I also tried a few package tracking websites.

Man I’m worried mine is lost. That’s too many days with nothing arriving or updates. I finally got an email back from support that they think it’s still in transit. I’m not so sure and may want to get my money back. This is too long……

I would give it a few more working days in case there is congestion in the local USPS. It happens. Id wait a bit and then next week in request a refund or something.

Okay sounds fair enough. I’ve had a few packages from Japan take about 2 weeks but they were able to be tracked on USPS website, unlike this one. I’m in PA so it is from one coast to basically the other coming from CA. Just frustrating to see everyone getting theirs and mine not showing up, ya know?!

I totally understand you!!! I would be too! you’ll get it! im sure of it! :slight_smile: and when you do post a pic!

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Good to see you’re EMO has finally arrived. Yes I think the tracking / courier service / postal service updating system in the US is not very accurate/efficient.

Do you know of anyone in the US that has had my problem or waited as long as me? It’s really annoying.