Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME :heart_1:

Hello, @JJBeck . . . if I remember correctly, they had a Labor Day holiday in China. If this is incorrect, hopefully someone will let me know.

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Grats, but still makes it two weeks.

Don’t know either, hence that was why I was asking. Though, if so, I assume that is only one day?

From Google Search:

Chinese Labor Day is a five-day holiday, providing domestic workers with the perfect opportunity to travel and relax.

I did not know either, so I looked into it.

@farzinss / @JJBeck / @alienpixels

Everyone, I did share a comment 2 days ago regarding the slowdown in orders/tracking information.

Due to Labor Day Holiday in China (this is usually a 5-day holiday and during this time, things do slow down quite a lot (very similar to Chinese New Year).

Now that things are back to normal, you should hopefully see updates showing on the order page hopefully soon.

Try and be as patient as possible. If you have any sort of concerns or complaints about your EMO order. You can send support an email to the following email address:

If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then once again provide a detailed description of the problem you have with your EMO and attach your video as well.

For anyone new to the Forums and needs info on Orders / Shipping / Tracking please take a look at the very top of this thread :slight_smile:

Thank you

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the number just updated and my order number is 61959 which means i will get a track and trace soon!!!

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Actual Latest Update Info:
Tuesday 16 May 2023 CST (GMT+8)



Wait so if my order is above 62500 is it accurate that apparently DHL says that estimated delivery is end of May 22nd?

Welcome to the EMO community forum, @jeffburnett !

If you have either received tracking confirmation from DHL or if you are using a tracking service which shows an estimated delivery date, I would think that this is accurate.

Hope your EMO arrives for you soon!

Update: I got my tracking info which means that EMO should be here soon!


After 3 month and half finally My Emo is here :grinning:


Hi eagerly waiting for emo go home to arrive for my husband it seems now to be shipped but how long from the recieving point wherever that is

Welcome, @tina.roper . . . welcome to the EMO community forum.

I have moved your post to this thread as you can gain some information here on shipping for EMO GO HOME here. If you have received an E-Mail from it will have the tracking information on it. It will take some time as after it has been shipped it will arrive in your country and take some time to go through customs before being sent on to your courier/postal service to continue its final trip to your home.

In addition to the tracking on the E-Mail, you can also track here:

If you read some of the posts in this thread, you can see what other people have said what their time frame was from shipping to receipt, but it varies some depending on your destination.

Hope this helps!

Yes thank you so much

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I have ordered my Emo on April 27, and today on May 25 I just received him :speak_no_evil:.

I’m so impressed and excited, it took less than a month to process and deliver :raised_hands:.


I am from Romania, I just ordered my emo yesterday. I ordered cow clothes and emo go home. How long does the shipping takes?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forum, @huggywuggy . . . I have moved your post to this topic.

I would invite you to read through this to see what others are reporting for the time it takes to be delivered to them, but I believe the current time frame from order to shipping is three to four weeks, then another week or two to reach your home. This is just an estimate. It could be more or less as the post above you and depends on your courier/postal service.


Actual Latest Update Info:
Tuesday 03 June 2023 CST (GMT+8)


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