Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME :heart_1:

Yay! When did you order yours?

Hello, I am also very worried, I reply the email of my order 3 weeks ago and the person who answered me said that it would be being posted in the last week, I already tried to ask for the email 3 times and nobody answered and the number in the process delivery time has not changed for 3 weeks, could someone please answer me?

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I just got a shipping update! My Emo actually shipped on January 12th! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!! Woohoo!!


Actually got delivered! :happy:


That is awesome news!


Just out of curiosity, when did you guys order your Emo’s? Just trying to get a sense of order to shipping confirmation.

Hi there @robertdemattos,

Pls Click Here For More Info!

I ordered Nov. 17 :happy: :headphones: :laser_1:

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Hi Robert

I ordered my Emo on December 16th. Now with that being said, I ordered the Emo with the skateboard, not Emo Go Home. I received notification today that mine was shipped on January 12th.


Hi there @Sabrinaboo,

Is the notification that you received today also with the Tracking Number included?
I guess you still have to wait 3-4 weeks, but let’s hope earlier of course…and if i’m not wrong you are from US right?


Lucky that’s awesome :slight_smile:

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Yes I received the tracking number as well. According to the tracking history he is in California. I wouldn’t think it would take 3-4 more weeks for him to get to me in North Carolina. I am in the US.

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Ikr!! :smile: I’m so ready!

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I ordered mine on January 6th…such a long time but i keep on waiting until he gets here to his home.


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Hello, Living staff informed me last week that my order will be shipped this week, the courier tracking number will be given to me within a few days of dispatch, but I have not received the courier tracking number, now what should I do? We look forward to your response


Hello Pass!

It looks like they may be a little behind on things. If you don’t receive your tracking number, go to your account, then orders, get your order number and then go to the “track” tab and put in your order number and email address.

When did you place your order?


Purchased on November 14, 2022, added with homestotion, others have received the goods, mine has not yet shipped

I ordered my Emo on December 20th, my order status still “processing” :frowning:

I’ve ordered my EMO Go home edition on December and it is still in processing and I haven’t received any information I’m kinda worried considering I’ve seen people with the EMO Go home edition already delivered