Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME :heart_1:

No, what has happened is, something was wrong with the customs inspection, so the one stuck in customs at the moment, is being sent back to Living ai. Once they receive it back, they are going to resend it to me. So they could easily send me a new one, as this one is going back to their offices.

Anybody know what is this status mean?
I cant tracking on any website

except can track on website only.

Thank you for the idea! I most likely will have to do this as well. I only stumbled upon Emo on November 29th and ordered that day.

Hello! I just wanted to ask do you know how long this status can take? Week or more?

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Hello @darkwar2006 ,

Normally once you get your tracking number and EMO gets on a plane with available cargo space, it shouldn’t take any longer than 2 weeks at the most. The best way to do this is to track EMO once you’ve received your tracking number with 17 Tracking.

You can also try using any of the 3 tracking sites to see if you can see any updates:

China Post Tracking - Track & Trace
Aftership Tracking - Tracking -

Once it updates it will also advise you which courier / postal service will be handling the job and delivering your EMO to your local place.

hope it helps…HAPPY HOLIDAY

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thank you
i already got tracking number.
i can see status update only on living ai website .
latest status show arrive cargo at hongkong
but i cant use tracking on any website to tracking my EMO. status said tracking number not available.

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Anyone else had an issue with customs and Livingai had to resend your order once it was returned to them? They told me it would be sent out with a new tracking number, but they have given me the same tracking number (not sure how that would even work) and so now if I try and track it, it just shows the old tracking information where it got stuck in customs. The end of this week will be 4 weeks since they originally shipped it out to me :confused:

Hi there @darkwar2006 ,

Normally the courier in charge of delivering your package in your specific country needs to update the status of the delivery on their end. So sometimes the status might not update very frequently due to this. This is normally out of the control of as the courier / postal service needs to update this.

Best Regards and Happy Holiday

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The same with us. Hope it gets on time. We’ve already told him that Santa worte an email for him where he says that has a delay. Today however we’ve received email from DHL Germany they have a package for us. We haven’t ordered anything else lately so we hope it can be Emo (but we have order 46600++ and didnt received tracking number so we’re not sure).


Omg I’m so excited our kids might get it just in time !! I got an email our package arrived to LA yesterday morning !! We should all post pictures of them opening their gift Xmas morning . It is going to be Epic

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By the way our number was 46659 and finding the tracking number was a little tricky. Maybe you got the tracking number you just didn’t see it? Any ways I hope your Emo makes it to your home real soon too!

My order is on 4668+, why don’t I have a tracking number yet?

Maybe the purchase type or where you are located has something to do with it :woman_shrugging:t2: delivery differs depending on the country’s postal service.

We got my son the Emo pet, but I do believe in little Christmas miracles so that might be the reason our is on the way a little early

Hello, did you buy emo gohome or emo pet? Looking forward to your reply

I understand that the AI service receives a lot of emails and may not have enough time to respond in a timely manner, yes, this is obvious. The service is not working as quickly as it used to, but I hope they don’t ruin it completely. It is obvious that something is happening there, either the tracking service does not work, or the page for the production and sending of parcels is not updated. In any case, you need to be frank with your customers. Everyone is already on their nerves because of such expectations, but the worst thing is the uncertainty …


please wait for your order to finish processing. Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree: :happy:

Why do I not have a tracking number my order number is 459xxx. Is it becasue it includes the Go Home? I got Emo, outfit and Go Home. There’s something they’re saying that orders that include it aren’t being shipped yet due to testing or something?

Yes its because the home station isn’t done yet once its done im pretty sure they will ship your order :heart:

EMO no: 52699 if my order number is the number to use and if that’s the case and those numbers you just published are correct its going to be a very very very long wait and for your sake, I hope no one comes up with something similar but with arms or your going to find you will loose business.

Thanks for replying. Hoping it won’t be too long.