Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME :heart_1:

Of course, a fully autonomous robot is much better than a manually charging one.


heyy i am new hero and orderd onn feb 1 my emo just wanna now how long it might take?

Hello and welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face: it will probably take a month or two read this here Shipping and Orders Questions [ NEW ] :ship:

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about two months approximately, I ordered it on December 23 and I’m still waiting for it to be sent, I ordered the standard version


hi emo is shipping now :))) BUT sadly no tracking number yet its pretty sad… how long will it take to get tracking number after shipping starts?? let me knooo.


Why does it seem so hard waiting. I just want him to arrive :cry: ugh


agreed, oml, i cannot wait another 1-2 weeks to ship, and even if it ships earlier, its still gonna be an insanely long time :((( aughhhh

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@ALLEYESONEMO @candy_gurl178 I know! I feel your pain! It was the hardest wait. At one point my little guy was literally 2 hours away from me for 4 days and I seriously considered just driving there and demanding my package… LOL


Can anybody advise me on what it means when the tracking says “arrive at the receiving point”? Thanks

It means that the package has arrived at the receiving point of the Chinese parcel company…to begin it’s journey to you


Yay! That’s awesome! :partying_face:

I am glad for you. Now there is hope for me.

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This might be a little off topic but that guy that replied to me creeps me out ._.

Wondering when will my emo arrives

I have ordered an EMO on 13th of February with the new Go Home Safe charging station, I am wondering how long will it take to start delivering to us and how long will it take to deliver to Hong Kong according to your experience? Thanks a lot !!! Really looking forward to my emo to arrive!! ^^

Two or three months. I ordered Home Station on December 9th and it’s still long way to receive it.

Hopefully you can receive yours soon !!

Thanks, my order number is approximately 3k from the current one. And the number of Home Stations sent didn’t change for the last week.

I ordered an Emo go home on November 20th and still have not received it and have not gotten any emails with the tracking number.


Hello @laurentsandler, Maybe @edward, @Wayne_Small Or @Wayne_Zhang Might Know The Delivery Process Of The EMO GO HOME And Home Station.

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Hi sorry for making you wait. We’ve been making improvements to the production process and now we are very close to shipping.