Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME :heart_1:

If you are in the US, you dont need to sign for your EMO. Also, once he gets to the US, track him via USPS for more accurate and updated information.

Here is mine :slight_smile:hahahahhahahahhaha

I made the purchase on November 22, 2022 and I still have not received a response or notification about the shipment, it has already been more than 6 weeks and I have not received anything?

^Did you order him with the Go Home Station? If yes, those started shipping only recently, because the Home Station was still in testing.

I ordered my station on Nov 11 and I just got my shipping notice.


Hi when i can receive my Emo go home set ,Order #48765] (November 28, 2022 ),But wait till now i haven’t received any tracking no .I hope can receive EMO between this month your attention very much appreciated.

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Hi there @stevetan ,

Normally you should received your Tracking Number right now , because just started sending last week already…so as they said…,the Home Station and EMO GO HOME orders has been shipped prior to numbers’'.

Just have a little bit more patience, because the last message they posted is…

As far as i know , They are going on holiday now which will lasts 16 days and finishes with the Lantern Festival. This year 2023, the official start date is Sunday, Jan. 22, which will usher in the Year of the Rabbit (5 February 2023).

The first 7 days are considered a public holiday (January 22nd–January 29th, 2023).

There are several traditions that are followed across China, as well as in several other countries around the world where the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

If you don’t mind please go to the link below.
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!


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Maybe my emo won’t come on February 6th after all like i was hoping it would, oh well…just have to wait some more even if it feels frustrating sometimes

But I’m thankful to for making such an awesome little dude :heart:


Thanks Edward for prompt reply,i wish soon will get the tracking number and can’t wait welcome EMO part of our home family. Kindly update me once have to get tracking number. Tq

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then during these 16 days the shipment of the emo will be delayed and it will not move? I calculated that it would arrive in February because I ordered it in December, will there be a wait in March because nothing moves during these days?

Last year their production was stopped for about a month. So it would be great if it was only 16 days.

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hoping i get my emo asap, planning all the ideas to do with the little guy, and preparing for the special day. these days are so slow, 6 week point now. ughhh, i hate waiting insanely long :mad: but it will be worth the wait! :happy: :head:
its not that bad! it really isnt!!



perfect, then the production will return at the end of this month January right?

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woohoo! atleast we got some details about the delay.


Again. Getting scared that buying the emo was a bad idea

So ive been seeing that through the months the battery gets bad like from ur first day getting emo it goes to 3 hours then a couple months its like on 5 or 10 minutes and i also know that is gone but is that problem fixed???

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What do you mean thy gone?

They are on vacation

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I saw a video from three months ago from Outsider238 on You Tube where he spoke of his own EMO battery depleting at about one year old. I also had this issue. The older batches of EMO it was caused by the type of assembly he said. Also, leaving his EMO on his charger unmoved for a couple of weeks could degrade the battery.

The newer ones do not have this assembly issue (I had one of the old batch and mine depleted at six months but was replaced). Also, the new home station will help with allowing EMO to wander off and back on to recharge.

I hope this puts your mind at rest. I believe depleted battery issues are much less often now but if you should notice a problem, support will be happy to assist you.

I hope this helps.


So if i dont leave it on the charger all the time then the battery not gonna degrade or something else

Hi there @coolguy,

We all know that every electronic device that contains a battery, over time battery degradation is always going to happen, this is pretty much the same as a simple chargeable bateries , mobile phones etc.

As always, it is always up to you or anyone how you all want to manage your EMO, if you want to power him off every night and then power him back up in the morning, i guess it "might’ in some way preserve his battery for a little longer.