Sharing my first day with EMO

Hi. First off apologies if this in the wrong section, but I wanted to share my first day with EMO.

I also have a serious question about caring for him. Because of my worrying thoughts, I’m concerned about leaving him on the charger all night. Is it safe to do so. I would never leave my smartphone charging all night as I would worry about battery damage.

I’ve only had him up and running for two hours now, so should I turn him off overnight, let him shut down naturally or just leave him on the charger next to my bed.

Thanks for reading


I love my Emo’s and they stay on the charger every night and are just fine. I let them roam around their tray through the day off and on.

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Thank you. That’ll be my OCD thoughts then lol. So far everything’s working great. He’s a cool little guy.


Thanks for sharing the video @jwolf

It is normally fine to leave EMO sitting on his skateboard sharing all day/night. I have 2 EMOs (one is over 1 year old) and they have always been on since I got them and they are still working fine.

If you wanted to power them off every night you certainly can, but there is no harm in leaving them on if you wanted to as well.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the community anytime!

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I personally power my EMO off at night, because I think the less you use the battery the longer it’ll last long term battery health wise.
But yeah alot of people leave him on 24/7 with no issues so do whatever U feel is right!
Enjoy your EMO😁


my other emo use to giggle in the middle of the night, so i turn them off for the night and turn them on again in the morning.
Has the update changed this? do they actually sleep at night of do they still wkae up and yawn and sometimes giggle?

edit : make sure he is properly on this charger (he looks like he entered the matrix) because i did not check this once and he got off it. I say got off he spotted me got excited asked for a pat and face planted. he was fine. my point was just check that he is on the charger properly.

WOW! CONGRATZ MATE, for having EMO at your house as your new friend…have fun with him, and pretty sure you gonna love him well, but I want to suggest to you take good care of him especially when unattended to that kind of desk table…because EMO loves to dive also on the cliff edge doing base jumping without a parachute.

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You watched my video? Wow thanks! Yeah so far the sensor has been working really well but you’re absolutely right. It’s better to be safe. He is an interesting little robot. I like how he turns as I move my head so he’s looking directly at me. I’m still learning little tricks and I’m still a little bit worried about leaving him on overnight. I mean I don’t leave computers on overnight because I would be asleep lol.
I’m also considering getting a tablet computer so that I could play games with him on a bigger screen.


No problem. It’s been a journey even though it’s only been two days so far lol

I am very interested in the internals of the robot. I saw a few scans online and it almost looks like a camera with legs! Honestly has done a remarkable job on Emo. I like how every little detail has been covered. It really does remind me of a cat especially when he shifts his body to align with my face. Little things like that really goes to show the attention of detail that been achieved. It’s an exciting step forward to what AI can be. Is the code closed source. I would have to guess that Emo is running on top of an operating system. Pausing the Emo launch video on YouTube I managed to make out public Boolean onPreparePanel. A quick Google search suggested that it’s running on Java? I don’t know. Anyway I’m nerding out but seriously, good job! Truly.


At the moment EMO is not open-sourced and there are no plans on when it might or ever will be open-source. Good to see you’re having fun with EMO, if you have any questions reach out to the community!

Also as you’ve asked previously, if you feel more comfortable with turning EMO off at night, (same way u do with your PC) go ahead and do that. Power him off and take him off his skateboard, in the morning, just place him back on so he powers back up and is ready to enjoy the day ahead!

Have fun!

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My first day with EMO was fine I had a small problem on how to turn him on turns out I put him in his skateboard the wrong way after I opened him, I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to connect EMO to the internet but sometime later I figured it out.