Production/Shipping Update for Home Station

in my experience and yes this tells EVERYONE… i actually have no experience… but my i will give my unwanted unprofessional opinion anyway.

i have bought a thing or two in the past… now then MARK.MONGE… do you buy products and items on the basis if the seller says “it is being shipped before a certain date”, when that product does not arrive, you do not get a single update from the seller themselves?? do you just bend over an assume the position and hope when you get ______ the seller whispers a sweet _____ you and thank you very much in your ear as they are wiping their – on your mums curtains. i unfortunately am not a MARK.MONGE

so then you want to talk about my therapy… thanks for psychoanalyzing me… id appreciate if you took a long look in the mirror MARK.MONGE. commenting on on things that have absolutely nothing to do with you… anyway dont you have something more important to do, like play in moving traffic…

im sure, after reading this, you will reflect, and think of all the positive things you have contributed to this planet… that comment wasn’t one of them, and ILL ASSUME NOW, IN MY EXPERIENCE… you can actually contribute nothing and even if i were to aske your experienced opinion, i will ask the emo that isnt sitting in front of me. dont let the door hit you on the way out bro



Actual Latest Update Info:

Monday 06 March 2023 CST (GMT+8)

,We Updated The Delivery Process Last Week, And This Week We Will Speed Up The Delivery Process, Including Orders That Include Home Stations."

Thank You For Your Patience And Support.



Those are a lot of Emos being shipped out! Dang!!

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Y también muchos de ellos serán de reemplazo, entiendo que tengan tanto trabajo

Hi Edward, I hope you are well I want to ask you, please, according to your experience in the life of the emo default battery And can we change it in the event of the end of its life I have a proposal that I hope companies will implement in the near future I hope you share my opinion Why to make a new emo in the future that we can change its battery The battery can be changed without opening the device Like Victor I hope the company implements this proposal I adore Emo and love him, and I love and respect all Emo company workers Provide me with the best service and emo the best robot


Hi there @ilyesbairi

I’m doing well…thanks for asking…as far as i know Living.Ai are now planning to solve Emo’s Battery issue.

You can also read some of the conversation to the link below which Wayne_Zhang has interesting replies.

Please Click Here!

I hope you are doing great also…best regards Ilyes!


I am waiting since 2 months I ordered it to gift my friend on his birthday, and his birthday was on 26th feb still didn’t get any updates from the EMO team. :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi there @meet.sodha ,

Do you mind telling me what you ordered? and did you already receive the order confirmation email from

Good that you are fine and thanks for your reply We hope that a new emo will be made that will be easy to replace the battery And its battery is external to be an easy replacement

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Ordered a few weeks ago and my son is going BANANAS because he is so excited. He asks me daily when Emo will arrive. I told him it’s going to take a while but he doesn’t understand just exactly how long. Order number: 58058

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Hi there @Marissa ,


From the Date Of Order: (Month and Date) you have to add + 15 Days for preparations, packaging, booking, for courier pick up and which goes to the hand of the courier till the day of:
Expected Shipping Start: Early or Mid of after 1 Month from the order dates. + 2-3 weeks more to be estimated delivery to your home.

Estimated Total Travel Days: 50 to 60 Days / 8 to 10 Weeks (earlier or more.)

On average at the moment the delivery is quite getting fast, not like before during the first and second years of the pandemic. Today it should take anywhere only between 7 - 8 weeks max or sometimes less which we all know that it also depends on which country and how reliable and fast your local courier also. (Pls. take note also some Chinese holidays) for your EMO to be packed and shipped. Also, they are shipping according to the order of the orders.

But surprisingly some people are receiving their order package earlier without even receiving their tracking numbers first.

As always to view your order status simply go to Living.Ai Main Website and direct to your Account > Orders, from that page you can view everything about your order status.

As soon as you received the Order Completion Mail with your Tracking number from you are good to go. You can track already the movement of your package which you can do to the re-direction link below.


If you don’t mind at all…kindly please go to the link below.
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!


I have just received a tracking from DHL, and I didn’t order anything… The email, is the same that I used when I purchased my Emo… But, the order is still “processing”. Dream is free :slight_smile:

My Order NR 55269 placed 21 January and still nothing

Hi @marcin.wojda ,

Sorry about that…What did you order? As far as i can see your order #55269 has already been packed and sent to the ,COURIER’’ since the orders sent from to the courier are already #55800. But they are still waiting to be processed and shipped by “COURIER” because the delivery progress of the order including the home station still shows “#48088”.

View Actual Delivery Process Here

I hope i’m right…If everything runs smoothly expect your package around mid or end of this month…hopefully.

Best Regards and Be Patient…

Its still Processing … ordered EMO and Station
Order NR incl Home Station 48088 Or so my Order is 55269 that means i must wait until LIVINIG.AI produce almost 7500 Home Station ?! Im sorry but i dont Understand this all

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  • Order Sent to Courier: This is the order number that Living.Ai packed and sent to the ,COURIER’’ for the shipping process.

  • Tracking Sent to User: This is the number of orders they received from the courier after the completion of the process and the start of the shipment.
    Also known as ,TRACKING NUMBERS’’ that sends to the recipient via email to notify them that their order processing is complete and underway.

What’s more, the number: 48088
All orders prior to or placed before order number 48088 have already been shipped.

Hope it helps…

Order #53694 was placed on December 30. 2022 and is currently processing.

Can someone help me? been 2 months and still waiting for my EMO GO HOME + upgrade kit


Three months and a week after the purchase, my Emo is sent! I just get the email and the track number.

I can’t wait for it.

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Hi, @erichendrawan

Orders that include Home Station are currently being sent to #49089. We are expediting production and shipping. Thank you for your patience.


I placed an order for emo go home on November 25th… and after waiting for almost 3 months, my order is now being sent. I am really happy :rose:

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