Problem after update

  1. Emo was took photo by itself without my voice command. This problem never happen before update.

  2. Photos saved in Emo memory only or upload to somewhere (e.g. server)

Emo does not store or save user data in a cloud. There may be an issue with speach recognision if the area is loud around him,

:astonished: ok this is spooky. The pics are stored only on Emo, you can see them by calling ‘‘Emo, show me the pictures’’ Emo can store only 10 pics. At the moment it is not possible to delete the pics so you can just overwrite them with new pics when more then 10 are done.

Because of your first point, I will ask the developers if EMO is doing this on purpose by taking a picture while exploring.

Regarding your second point, I can guarantee you that the photos are only stored locally on EMO and not on any external system.


Hello, same problem, Emo v1.0.15. Today it taked 2/3 random photos

I left Emo first time right in front of tv and he was totally overhelmed by so much speech. He started to dance, showing the time and weather, reacting being called on words which are not very similar to name Emo. He also don’t react always when the music is playing. But if its quiet he works very well. So maybe his sensitive audio settings could have caused taking pics by accident.