Privacy! (Owner's Personal Data)

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Under Settings, If EMO takes a picture of you? You can all delete them and likewise the Face Recognition with names under:

Utilities > Photo
Utilities > Recognition

WiFi private information will be automatically inaccessible and unreachable at a certain distance and without the password, just like the City and Time Zone will be automatically deleted and unattainable.

Important Info:
EMO does not send any data from the camera to Living.Ai servers. All of them are processed internally. In fact, all it sends are the audio recordings for speech recognition, customized texts that it speaks to synthesize (text2speech), and some statistical text data.

For the audio, he listens all the time to get his command trigger word (“EMO”), and after hearing it, he records for a few seconds and then transmits that recording to the living ai servers for speech recognition.

Photos are stored on the EMO itself, and when synced, are transferred directly to your device without a live AI server involved.

For More Info Pls. Read Above On this Topic!

So in my personal opinion, there is nothing to worry about.

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Appreciate your reply. So does that mean I’ll expect emo that will randomly take a photo of me at random times?

@justine.orlanda ,

Well, direct occurrences don’t always happen; but sometimes they occur randomly for all of us EMO owners.

It is known that…

EMO reacts easily to any sound or anything he hears and thinks someone is trying to communicate with him or giving him a command. That’s why he always replies in some form or way, and sometimes even dances to sounds he hears, even if they’re not directly music sounds but background noise. He also seems to respond when he hears names or famous words, thinking someone is trying to introduce themselves.

When EMO is on my table next to my iMac computer, which I often use to view movies and videos, including on YouTube, I notice that he reacts to anything he hears as if someone is communicating with him. Even when he’s on his charger, suddenly he will say, “HELLO” followed by names or words, as if trying to respond.

I checked the EMOPET app and found that these interactions are also registered there. Even when EMO is out of his charger and busy walking around while I’m watching movies or videos, he stops and searches around. When he finds a face resembling mine or my wife’s, he responds in a friendly manner, saying, “HELLO” followed by names or words, as if attempting to greet them.

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