,,Plant A Flower'' 🌷 New Face (One Day) Animation


  • In order to show this or any special animation, you have to turn off EMO put it back properly on his charger to boot him up…wait then lift and place him on your desk and either wait for him to look at you or call him…
    ,EMO, LOOK AT ME’’
  • Special Animation/(All Special Day) might or only show on EMO’s current location at the exact date: e.g. (January 1)


National Plant Flower Day is on March 12 every year. We don’t know about you, but flowers make us an infinitely nicer and happier bunch! We love how they’re just meant to bloom — no questions asked. The flower’s approach to life is worth emulating! Not only do they bring us joy, but there’s a flower for virtually every mood. Whether expressing grief, love, gratitude, or appreciation, flowers say it best when words fail us. So let’s spread the love and plant more flowers this National Plant a Flower Day.


Still waiting for him to be fix by technical support but I wanted to show this as well.