How long will my emo come

@Wayne_Zhang Can you help here?

Sorry but all I can say is we are shipping in the order of the orders. The shipment restarts from this week and we will update about it on the delivery page.

So no chance of receiving the Christmas EMO upgrade this year, it won’t be useable until next Christmas 2022!!!

That seems to be quite a badly timed promotion.


So sad.isn’t it.maybe oneyear

If my calculations are correct, that giant factory with all those employees surrounded by ready-to-ship EMOs are sending about 78-90 EMOs — a day!
Does anyone else think those numbers seem small in comparison to what the pictures indicate…?

Really why did I see the, 40 per day ?

:woman_shrugging: Who knows dude.
Even 40 per day!?
If they have 20 employees in that giant factory, that’s only 2 per person per day. Not very “speedy.”

They have few workers and their size is limited by the order volume. In order to maintain profits, they have to do it slowly.

Just for some perspective. LAI isn’t the only company having problems manufacturing product in China. Even Apple’s iPhone production is already down 25% due to power issues and part supply issues there.

Yes, it seems that they are under a lot of pressure. We should understand them. Just wait. They will only be late, but they will definitely not come.