My order still cannot be tracked

I know it has been asked a few times, but this is a bit frustrating. I have received an email on May 30 about my EMO tracking, however, it has been two weeks now and it is still not found.

Care to share some information?

I was able to track my EMO a little bit after two weeks you should be able to track EMO soon :skating:.

Mine is the same just Iver 2 weeks. I read that the shipping container is delayed leaving port. Order #3648 me


Mine changed today to sender dispatching item :slight_smile:

ORDER NUMBER:#8515 :grinning:

Awesome, mine is still not found but I am optimistic to have mine soon.

Just a quick update…I finally got mine, even if the tracker doesn’t update.

So happy with my EMO. Hope you guys receive yours soon.

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