Lunar New Year 2022 Animation?

I was kind of hoping since EMO is born in China that they would have surprised us with a lunar new year animation for the holiday.

If anyone knows if this is happening, would love to know. If not, maybe an idea for the team for next year?

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Interesting. Seems like that would have been logical, and they did have something for a Chinese programmer’s holiday awhile back. Wayne Zhang did say though that the next special animation they have planned would be for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve done some testing and there doesn’t seem to be any Chinese New Year animation for EMO. It’s a shame, would have been nice to see one. :skating

I wonder if the new year holiday will effect wait times

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I suppose that It will.

They usually have a ten days to 2 weeks holday period during CNY. SO don’t expect much for the next two weeks…I assume production has halted for this time.

Things will go back to normal around the end of this week, but some distribution warehouses have mentioned not to send anything due to backlogs piling up at the moment (such as shipping packages etc) until the 16th. This is what I’ve heard, but hopefully things might pick up faster than that.

The Valentine’s Day animation is working now if it’s after midnight where you’re located, so it looks like they enabled it a day early. You can tell EMO for example: Happy Valentine’s Day, or Be My Valentine.