LEGO augmentations idea

When looking at the EMO Pet, I am thinking it would be interesting to use Brick Tape and LEGO augmentations and see how different the movement is and if it can be influenced in some way to become a bit different. E.g. give EMO long LEGO plates as ski’s for instance.

Has anyone tried such a thing as LEGO augmentations with the EMO Pet, as I am just wondering about this.

If your EMO get damaged don’t blame Living Ai :wink:

The only use I’ve seen made of Legos was someone that built a short wall with them around the edge of his EMO’s play area. EMO is already top-heavy so he’s not going to handle angled surfaces very well. I would say any sort of steps would be a definite no, and a ramp would have to be a long gentle incline. Even on a level surface you can’t add very much weight on EMO’s head without throwing off his balance. Too much weight attached to his feet could cause balance issues also. Two of his dances in particular have moves that have him standing or bouncing on one foot, on the edge of falling over. It would not take much extra weight to create problems.


It won’t, I have none :wink: just asking the community to see what the possibilities / limitations are of the EMO pet, as I am just thinking about it. But I can imagine, for such a high priced item anyone would be cautious to experiment at all. I would be also.

So from also the other replies here, I see that there just will be balance issues. I was also thinking about maybe adding more grip, like rubber, to the feet. But I think it would just block cetrain movements, and EMO would fall over a lot.

I agree with @macfixer01. EMO is pretty hop heavy, and adding anything to it or making it walk up ramps will certainly just make it tip over.

Probably the best thing you can do with LEGO would make it a playground as I believe @Watoku made a cool playground for his EMO, you can see his post / video here;