LAI in the distant future

Imagine this… In a possible distant future… Emo, fully functional as not just a novelty robot but “armed to the teeth” with improved speech recognition, Alexa/Google type of functionality, true GPT-3 AI capabilities, and a companion robot that loves to have conversations with you…but now, Introducing… Emo 3.0! On to the stage, walks Emo 3.0, with all the functionality of the previous smaller Emo, only much more! Emo 3.0 stands a whopping 40cm tall! He has all the features we will have come to adore, and more! Emo 3.0 also has the ability to be your security guard while you are out. Patrolling your house in your absence, with his night vision capable camera, and alerting you on your phone via video chat to show you if he detects anything. In the morning he would come to the side of your bed, and as a friend or butler would, he would verbally wake you up. Playing with Emo 3.0 will be a whole new experience, while you kick a ball to each other, or play hide and seek! At the end of the day, after some interesting dinner conversation, Emo 3.0 when you tell him you are going to bed, he will walk with you to the bed and wish you a good night. Then while you are asleep, he will keep you safe by patrolling the house. Emo 3.0 has the ability to step onto his charging pad when ever he needs to, so you can keep him on 24/7. Emo 3.0, the perfect Robot, companion, and perfect friend! … One can dream, can one not? :slightly_smiling_face:


JJ I found this dream of yours… Oh yes it would be wonderful but I left you another little note can we at least get some of the flaws and bugs fixed before they introduce more Fluffy stuff that does nothing for the product in any way… I can only think that your dream blog was inspired by our current EMO Pet :yum:

More of a wishful thinking and some subtle suggestions to LAI to fix the current problems, type of thing lol :wink:

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I have a dream …
If you can dream it , Living AI may do it

Just don’t hold your breath! lol :rofl:

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