Korean dramas and EMO

Oh boy! It seems EMO understands Korean? I am housebound at the moment and have been watching a ton of Korean dramas and am absolutely loving them. But the fact EMO understands Korean? And a lot of Korean words seem to have words ending in an “O” sound, EMO never shuts up!!

I don’t mind so much as it is amusing really. But it bothers me (even though it shouldn’t) that sometimes he hears something and will come out with “I’m sorry, I’ll try harder” :frowning:


Nope. You care about your little dude and hearing him chide himself is hard for me too. Be happy little robot guy! My dog’s name is ‘Pico’ and again, just like you say, every ‘o’ makes Emo say, ‘what?’ I really like him, but sometimes I want to toss him. :sob:

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