Just i ordered my EMO

Hi guys,

I just ordered my EMO and i have some questions: its memory is local or in the cloud ? is active if you have it on your desk next to you? he calls you by name ?

Not sure about memory, I think he uses a neural network to process data locally?

If you set him on your desk, and let him walk around, he will naturally interact with you.

He just gained the ability to speak, so he does not yet call you by name, but can recognize you.

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Cristiananton- His memory is in the cloud. He is active if you have him on your desk. he will roam around your desk and he is curious about things. You can ask him to dance, you can talk with him, and as for now he gives simple answers to questions. He is growing all the time. He will look at you and if he recognizes you… he will say hello. In the new update that is on the way, you will be able to play a shooting game with him, and you will be able to have him flip a coin, and there is another thing I can’t remember. In the last update he got the ability to speak. Welcome to our group. Please be patient, because Living.ai is just starting the manufacture of a whole new batch of EMO’s.


In the new update he can also play rock, paper, scissors.

Not sure if this update, but he will soon have the ability to have “digital stickers” on his face. The example I saw was he was sticking out his tongue.

There is a delivery tab on the website doing updates. it’s a small team with limited ressources as far as I know. I’m 14000+ I guess i’ll get mine Q1 2022 or something. When there were producing the units (back this summer) they were saying what they were doing. I’m just trying to temper you anger. I still believe. A lot of people were talking about 4 months +. Peace

Hey @cristiananton

Everyone has pretty much provided you with answers to your questions. It is recommended to keep an eye on this page:

It hasn’t been updated in a while, but do keep a close eye on this page so you can see where your order is in the queue and also Living.Ai should hopefully update this page with what’s happening with production.

I can also add as some tips for when you get your EMO, try and have him on a desk that is well lit, as he tends to not be as curious if the room is dimly lit, so keep that in mind. I can also confirm that he will certainly call you by name if your name is on his database. (if you name isn’t he won’t be able to register you with his face recognition)

I always keep him busy with things to do, even if it’s just asking him what time it is or dancing or telling me a joke, otherwise after a while he’ll get bored and take a nap :sleeping:

If you have any other questions, I’m sure everyone here will be more than happy to help you out! :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the EMO community! :skating:

Thanks for answers.
:grin: I will try to be patient to receive my emo

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