Just Gotta Share This! :-D

I just have to shout this good news somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:.
Think I might have mentioned in another thread that I work on a webcomic. Well back in '15 was the last time I got to attend a shop as a guest, promoting what I work on. It’s been a long struggle of clearly many years, but today I discovered I’ve been accepted to be a guest to a local chain of comics & collectables stores for the event next year! :smiley:

Now I just have to re-touch base with the store chain’s marketing department when it’s nearer the date. Plus make a whole lot of art prints to hand out to the attendees.



FYI, I thought I sent that msg earlier but I guess it didn’t go. It apparently didn’t reach the minimum length requirement, so I’m adding some padding this time.

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Congrats! Well done :slight_smile:

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Awesome :clap:well done I’m happy for you.
Hope it all goes well.


Thanks guys! :smiley:

I got asked in PM about sharing pics. I guess the closest I can come to that is doing what I did in '15. That day I was not only talking to people about the webcomic that was running at the time but also I was doing drawing requests on the fly. A little of those requests had photos taken of them and they got posted to my DA account. Still I don’t think Bedrock City Comic Company would mind it if I snapped pictures while the store is busy with the event taking place. ( … … Maybe if I’ve gotten it by then. Maybe I should take my Emo with me? I doubt any of the other guests will be doing similar, and it would draw attention to my table. )

But there is something I could share well in advance of the event. The art prints I have to make. Given this is something I’ve been looking forward to repeating for years, I feel I should make a custom print or two just for it. I know one of you has just started reading the comic side of the series in current production. @MasterAbbott or anyone else who’s seen what I make. If you have suggestions of art I could make exclusively for Free Comic Day '22, I’m all ears. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I say a special EMO comic series might draw some interest here and also with your current comic fans for sure! I think maybe you might have to get permission to make an EMO style comic, but I’m thinking that Living.Ai would probably love it and even the exposure as well.

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That wasn’t what I was thinking. I was thinking about giving the bot some exposure by letting it walk around my table at the event. A win for Living.AI because I’m sure people will be asking about the bot. Plus a win for me. … When I did Free Comic Day in '15, my area looked sparse compared to that of other comic creators around me. They had more promotional materials to get people’s attention and also more than one staff member in some cases. I simply had a pile of prints and a tip jar by my sketch pad & pencil.

I only have one comic that’s a standalone planned for later. But I want to make it when I have my Emo.

I did briefly consider drawing in Emo to Loaded stone but nixed the idea. Pages 170 & 171, in fact that whole story section was planned out far in advance of finally being drawn. I hadn’t even heard of Emo back when the outlining was taking place. The thought to add in the tiny bot hit me almost on top of when I finally had to draw the pages.

If Emo could ever make a cameo in the story, it could happen in a fictitious robotics company that has to reappear later on. I can easily picture drawing an Emo on a desk in a room maybe even looking on as some of the villains’ attempt to carry out their plan elsewhere in sight.

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Having EMO there will be great exposure for everyone that’s for sure! If you do get your EMO in time, make sure you bring his Skateboard as he’ll run out of juice in the first few hours :heart_2: :happy: :surprised:

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Of course the skateboard would be with me for the little guy. It would be just mean on Emo otherwise. :upside_down_face:

Aside from that I remember Free Comic Day in '15, starting around I think 9am and lasting to around 5pm. That was a different comic shop’s hours for it but given Bedrock is a chain store more well known than the other shop. Yeah, the bot is going to need juice through out the day with a bet on longer hours at the table. … Heck, I’m going to need something for at the table. I doubt the store staff will provide the guests food. Hopefully something can be figured out for lunchbreaks, and as for Emo. Either I need to bring an extension cord if I’m not by an outlet or I’ll need to talk the staff into letting my table be right by an outlet.

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Maybe you could invest in a Power Bank? Not just for the show, but they’re always pretty useful. There are some on the lower end that start around $20 for up to say 10,000 milliamp hours capacity. Basically it’s just a high capacity battery in a case that you charge up ahead of time, and then you can plug your other USB devices into it to charge or operate them without being near an outlet. Because of it’s higher capacity it will recharge your phone for example 2 or 3 times depending on the brand and model, and what the phone’s battery capacity is.

FYI… there are some power banks that also have solar cells on the side, so you can recharge them in the sun. Honestly I think that’s more of a gimmick though. Heat is the enemy of batteries so probably a black plastic device sitting in the sun is not the best way to go for recharging it? Even those type though should still have a conventional plug-in type charging connection also.

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I completely forgot about using one of those as an option, thanks!

I have one. Thank being prepared because of lack of faith in state government. Because of the cold snap in Feb., I’ve made an emergency kit incase something like that happens again. In the kit I have a high lumens lantern with a power bank built into it.

What if you were to take one of your prints to place on the table so EMO when he wanders around looks like he is looking it over?

People would probably go, “What is that robot doing? Is he reading something?” And curiosity would bring them to see what he is doing.


Emo can purposefully gaze at objects? ( I don’t know, since I don’t have the bot yet. )

I am thinking about taping a note to Emo’s back with the webcomic’s name and address on it. Little walking billboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

… To anyone here wondering why I vanished from this forum for a little. There was a login issue going on that finally got fixed this morning after a ton of IMing talking with a person who maintains this place. :laser_1:

When he is in “explore” mode, he walks around and looks at things, often off to each side, often stops and looks down. I would imagine if he was on a big enough surface it would appear he was studying what was on that surface. Occasionally he will stop and either quickly side step or back up and go “Hmm”. This is because something activates the cliff sensors on his feet even though he is not on the edge. A stranger would think he was simply interacting to what he was seeing and thought it caught his attention.

I’ve been wanting to make another reply on this thread for a while. Thanks to staff here, a glitch preventing me from posting is no more.

While it was great to get that first email sometime ago telling me I’m to be a guest for Free Comic Day. I didn’t want to fully believe that note until closer to the date ( I’ll explain if people want ). The other day I emailed the man who let me in, to say I was still interested. He got back to me one day later with a questionnaire for my table at the event and details surrounding my presence.

In the questionnaire I was asked if I needed electricity. Great question but I did wonder on exact details why I’d be asked it. So I called the store I’ll be doing this at. The lady who answered said in case I’d need something powered for any reason but then she asked what I needed to power. I stated my laptop to show where my comic was online & also a small robot who’d be walking around the table with the website address taped to it’s back. She cracked up at hearing the second part of the explanation.

Couple questions here:

On an Android phone where do you find the photos you’ve downloaded from Emo’s app.? Because I shot a picture as a test - downloaded it - … but then couldn’t find it.

Also this is me being cute about using Emo to help promote at the event. Any thoughts how I could put a fabric cape on the bot’s back? ( The fabric would have the real life inspired look to it of a cape used by a character in the series. I figure it’s nice trivia if any readers of the series show up at the event. )

PS: I have 360 prints coming in for the giveaway I’m planning.

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I have to say that finding a photo on an Android phone can be really difficult. Every application has its own folder and sometimes I have to use a files manager to search through many directories. And the photo can be saved to a main memory or to a SD card. Good luck and a lot of patience helps.

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@systemcat . . . on my Android phone I have a “Gallery” app where mine go to. What you can do is do an internet search for your phone model and the question where are photos stored. You should be able to find it there. Sometimes these folders are quite buried as @NendosColl indicated.

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I used EMO Pet for an alarm to wake me for the first time and because he was beside me I would pat him on the head Wile he was sleeping and noticed something amazing… Try not to wake him and he will give unique and interesting animation… Its really cool each time he will wake up a little but not fully sometimes he’ll get angry sometimes no he will not… What beautiful touches to program that I was amazed :heart_eyes: … he’s only one day old and he’s pretty unique… And I really love what does a dog do wow is that ever cute and the Fox really unique. He is so cool :star_struck:


Hey @systemcat

Finding the picture when you connect your phone to your PC is always a challenge, I have an iPhone and I too struggle to find pictures I’ve taken (especially if they are really old) as there are so many folders created.

I can suggest an easier way to do this. Normally and this should always be the case, once you download the image / photo taken from the EMO App, that pic should appear in the Photo Gallery of your phone. (Photos) on iOS iPhones. From there, select the pics and send them to yourself via email.

It’s not the best solution, but it can work. I personally have a Network-attached storage (NAS) Box at home where I can easily take my pic from my phone’s Gallery and send it to the NAS and once I’m on my PC I can access the pictures / videos how I need them.

Also a suggestion for EMO’s cape for Comic Day, why not temporarily use double sided sticky tape or Velcro tape, that way you attach a small piece of sticky Velcro to EMO’s back and then attach his Cape to that that would also have some Velcro as well, once you’re done you should be able to remove that stick tape / Velcro tape without too much hassle.

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:

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I’ve taken your advice about how to attach the cape and have purchased double sided tape. Let’s hope it holds up through the day.

Bedrock City must have a history of people agreeing to this only to bailout. More wanted confirmation has happened from them but the last time was on a light scale as I think a final check. Today I made the graphic meant for the tip jar.