Just discovered Emo!

I’ve been in to robots since I was little and Emo looks like something I’ve been waiting forever for.

I can’t really afford to order one until the end of the month. What are the chances of me getting one anytime soon?

well, the price will grow to around 300 the time you buy it, so…

Ah ok need to move some things around if I buy it today when will I be likely to receive one?

Hi :wave: now they are shipping order above 3000 contact the Living AI Support I have no idea what number will be now but mine was over 6000 middle of March so you can have an idea

That’s a bit of a gap for a product surely? Have you received yours yet?

How long are we talking, seems like I should expect a four month wait?

The Production speed up i wait mine but it’s not shipped yet they will update in the main homepage every Saturday stay tuned

One more question do they charge on order or when they dispatch?

this depends on where you live

I live in the UK, any idea?

I believe 1 month for sure but contact Living AI and follow the Update Production they update us every Saturday

You mean charge the money from your account if you order? If so the answer is immediately. I ordered in dez via PayPal and it was charged same day.