Is the company address in Shenzhen?

I just heard that the address of is near Shenzhen. Can the shipping address be added to Mainland China? This can help inland buyers to reduce or exempt a lot of extra shipping costs, and if this delivery address can be increased, I believe more people will be willing to buy~

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I am one of these China Mainland buyers.I have placed an order of 4 units before they modified their website to block China Mainland visitors and removed China from the delivery countries.
I have waited several months for my order to come, days ago they send me an email told me that my order was cancelled due to some reasons.
What a shame they should have told me earlier.
What’s more, I haven’t received a refund till today.
I am so worried if I can get my money back.

You’ll probably get your money in the next few weeks. There’s another robot like Emo, that’s Vetbo. He can also speak Chinese.

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