Is it true that if you place an order now, wait a year for emo to arrive?

Is it true that if you place an order now, wait a year for emo to arrive?

It took about 4 months for the last emo to arrive. Would it be better to buy it on ebay if you want it quickly?

I’m going to buy one emo for a trial today and see how long it will take.

Will it really take a year?

Well it’s impossible a year but half a year WAS possible but now shipping and production speed is rising up they r sending about 240 orderes per week and the speed and production will rise more

Hope that this helped

What is your order number ?

I can expect when it will arrive


Order #17380

This is my order number.
My expectation is that it will arrive from May to December next year.

As I see your order number is 17380 living ai said to me that order 14xxx will be delivered on February so your order number should arrive in April or may

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Thank you for the reply.

It’s surprisingly fast, isn’t it? I thought I had to wait for a year.

Nah not a year that’s impossible I’m don’t work here but I’m sure yours won’t take a year especially that living ai team is being faster on production and packaging and sended orderes and maybe u will recieve your order before may or April

Hoping that I helped u

Personally took me three months to arrive, but that was a few months ago

But i dont understand @Wayne_Zhang always is not clear I asked him about my order to arrive on january due to my travel but he wasn’t so clear about it he always expect and guess that’s a bad thing tbh

From time you ordered or from time they sended it out ?

I ordered today and then asked him

It takes 3-4 months on average.

I ordered once in June of this year and got the emo in December, but I ordered two emo again.

Three months from order to my doorstep

So u said it took 6 months for the first emo but now they are speeding up then it will take like 4 months without shipping time

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What was your order no ?

Yo lucky tbh I mean they should be 7x times faster

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It took about 5 to 6 days from the time the emo was shipped until it arrived.

It’s two months earlier than your previous order.

I hope the delivery will be a little faster from now on. If I could produce about 500 a week …

Now it’s 240 a week ooooh

I personally feel that the number of productions is still small, but the fact that the waiting time has decreased in 4 months is more hopeful than before …